Endless Love, previews and spoilers from 2 to 6 April

Emir in Endless Love

New week of programming for Endless Love which for the first time, since its debut on Canale 5, will stop for a holiday. We confirm, in fact, that the Turkish series it will not be broadcast on Easter Monday, Monday 1 April 2024. But what will happen in subsequent appointments? The previews reveal intrigues, confidences, envy, low blows: the ingredients for an exciting week are all there. Curious to know more?

Zeynep arrested together with Ozan, what happens in Endless Love?

Dangerous confidences in Istanbul. After that Ozan will have confessed to him that he has fallen in love with Zeynep, Emir will take advantage, for the umpteenth time, of one of his weak points. The he will give the keys to his car so he can go get her, even though he doesn't have a driving license. When the officers will stop him, there will be trouble. Is Ozan that Zeynep, in that moment with him, they will be taken to the station.

What a shock for Kemal when he arrives and finds out what happened! Nihan won't take it well either and will ask his brother to abandon the idea of ​​being with Zeynep since she is Kemal's sister. Furthermore, for Zeynep, she will be in trouble when Salih tells her he wants to organize an engagement party for her.

A missed appointment... or almost!

Nihan he really won't want to resign himself to Kemal's desire to stay away so that no one gets hurt! For this, she will give the boy a meeting in front of a mural: a symbolic place for them since right there, more than 5 years earlier, Nihan had told him that he loved him. Kemal will go to the appointment but won't show up: He will sit in the car until the girl leaves!

A contested house in Endless Love, who will win?

THElove between Nihan and Kemal was sincere and strong and, for this reason, between the two there was a plan to live together. Among other things, the girl had also seen a house she would have liked to start her family with Kemal. It will be a shock for her to discover that the same house will be for sale again and, for this reason, he will want it.

Emir he will know and will decide to buy this house for his wife…but what would happen if he learned the truth? Things will get complicated when, due to an argument, Kemal will leave home and will go to live with Salih having, however, he also intends to buy the same house. The property itself will become theyet another reason for conflict between Emir and Kemal: it will be a bull's-eye race between the two. Who will win?

Kemal spied on by Emir

Leyla will have suspicions (founded) on some attitudes of the Emir's men towards Kemal and will communicate them to him. She will tell him that, in his opinion, he is coming spied on in his every move and movement. Kemal will have no difficulty understanding the truth and it will be at that point that will send a video message to Emir. What will he tell him?

Vildan and Onder fight over Leyla

Vildraha she doesn't have the attitude of a loving wife in Endless Love, as we have had the opportunity to notice this several times. Things will get worse in the next episodes because the woman will come aware of a warning from Leyla towards Onder in which the man was forced not to approach her. The jealous scene, at this point, will be inevitable. Vildan and Onder will argue: that Leyla is not just a memory for him at all?

Kemal furious with Nihan in Endless Love, why?

Kemal will be furious with Nihan: He won't take Zeynep's "job" well and will hold Nihan responsible for doing so meddled in affairs that did not concern her. For this reason he will send her away from the company, firing her outright. Too bad that, finally, it will be right Asu to make Nihan a proposal really interesting regarding an ambitious project. What will it be about?

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook @Endless Love
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