Endless Love, previews and spoilers from 22 to 27 April

Nihan and Kemal in Endless Love
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After a week full of intense emotions, Endless Love gets ready, from 22 to 27 April 2024, to give us other heart-pounding episodes (remember that it will not be broadcast on April 25th). The great protagonist will be the Emir's desire for revenge which will involve both Kemal and Zeynep. By the way, Nihan's young husband will manage to kiss his rival's sister and have the moment immortalized by a stolen photo. Curious to know more? Follow us and you will find out what awaits us!

Kemal knows the truth, now it's war with Emir

Nihan has now confessed to him the reason why she was forced to marry Emir (to protect Ozan) and, for this reason, Kemal will decide to take revenge on his rival and to start looking for the evidence that would frame him. To do this, it will begin speaking to Nihan and asking her what, in particular, she was protecting her brother from five years earlier. In short, he will want to know more! A conversation interrupted by Asu!

Tarik furious in Endless Love: does his project fail?

Tarik will be one step away from reaching his goal, or open your own shop. He will be very eager to sign the contract but he will receive a nasty surprise: the owner of the place will change his mind and no longer want to sell the activity. The young man's reaction will be terrible! But it will only be the beginning of a nightmare: Emir will want to frame Tarik himself and will give life to a plan as diabolical as it is incredible.

Kemal will not report Ozan

Nihan he found out that it was Ozan who set Salih's boat on fire and will very worried about her brother's fate. She will talk about it with Kemal, venting to him and will receive some important reassurances: neither he nor Salih will report Ozan to the authorities and this despite the video that frames him.

Asu tries to seduce Kemal in Endless Love

There is a simple working relationship between Asu and Kemal but it will soon be clear that for the girl the engineer represents something more than a colleague. Own Asu will join Kemal at his house (while he will be with Nihan who will then find a way to escape without being seen) and will toast with him to the purchase of the house. Shine, she will try to seduce Kemal who, however, will not give in to her provocations. But be careful: the next day Asu will make Nihan believe that it was her with Kemal all night!

Zeynep stands up to Emir

Emir's plan against Kemal will involve all members of the latter's family. If the plan against Tarik goes forward, Emir he will make sure the press finds out about him invitation to dinner for Zeynep. Too bad the girl will stand him up and he won't show up, having Salih take him home.

An unexpected accident

Unexpected accident for Onder who is hit by one of Tufan's men tasked with "kidnapping" Tarik. An event that will reverse the fate of Emir's plan: the man, in fact, will stop to help Onder, ruining everything (Emir, however, will later make an unexpected proposal to Tarik, hoping to get him on his side). For the rest, it will be Kemal to inform Nihan that his father had an accident and that he is in the hospital and to accompany her to him. Don't worry, the man will soon recover while a terrible suspicion will arise in Nihan: someone intentionally ran over the father. Who?

Emir and Zeynep kiss in Endless Love

The plan of Emir will move forward and, once the first rejection has been received, the man will be ready to move on to plan B. He will invite Zeynep on a boat ride and, this time, the girl will accept. Emir he will try to kiss her, and succeed: Zeynep, in fact, will not shy away. It's a pity that the boat captain will take photographs, at Emir's request, the kiss. A proof that will soon be used for his revenge! But be careful: Salih will suspect something and will have a question to ask his girlfriend... How will it end?

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