Endless Love, plots of the week from 15 to 20 April

Nihan and Kemal close in Endless Love
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Endless Love starts again with a new week of programming that promises to be full of twists and emotions. After a long time, finally, Kemal will learn the truth (though not in full!) about Nihan's forced marriage to Emir. How will she take it? Furthermore, the latter's perfidious plan against his bitter rival will move forward quickly and will involve both Tarik and Zeynep. Let's discover together all the details which, it is certain, will involve us from 15 to 20 April 2024.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Monday 15 April

The week of Endless Love will start immediately with suspense. Nihan, in fact, has his phone turned off and, for this reason, Emir he will start looking for her. Asu will give him some useful indications in this sense and, for this reason, it will not be difficult for him to direct his research. But be careful! Along the way he will come across a detour which, once taken, will lead him directly to the abandoned house where Nihan took refuge with Kemal.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Tuesday 16 April

More Emir protagonist of today's episode. The man he will discover that Ozan set Salih's boat on fire but he will congratulate him instead of making him understand that he was wrong. After all, she did it for a just cause, according to him! The conversation between Ozan and Emir, however, will not pass unnoticed in Nihan's eyes who will begin to think that there is a secret between the two.

A burn wound on Ozan's hand, however, will not go unnoticed and so for Nihan, after speaking with Salih, it will be clear that his brother is responsible for the fire. What a hard blow!

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Wednesday 17 April

Warning: the twists are not over! In this episode of Endless Love, finally, Kemal will come to know that Nihan was forced to marry Emir, which, among other things, he had imagined. The same Emir will then threaten Banu: he didn't like the pregnancy story at all: Either she will have an abortion or there will be trouble for her! Zeynep will clash with Salih again while Ozan will not let go.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Thursday 18 April

Nihan will be anxious about his brother. She will be almost certain that Emir convinced Ozan to cause the fire of the boat and will talk to Kemal about it. But be careful: at this very point Kemal will fully fall into a trap set by Emir. In fact, he will sign documents prepared by a company which later turns out to be non-existent. Documents which, therefore, will be illegal and which could land him behind bars! Banu, in the meantime, will talk to Nihan in the hope that she will decide, once and for all, to leave Emir.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Friday 19 April

Despite the subterfuge that he himself is trying to carry out, Tarik will have a real crisis of jealousy towards Zeynep. She will hear her sister talking about her to Ozan on the phone and, for this reason, she will decide to punish her: from this moment she will only be able to leave her if he is the one who accompanies her. Contacted immediately afterwards by Emir, the young man will accept his financial help: He will lend him the money needed to open his new barber shop. Emir's plan, therefore, will go swimmingly.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Saturday 20 April

Last episode of the week for Endless Love which will close, naturally, with heart-pounding excitement. Moments of pure emotion when Nihan will confess to Kemal that she only got married to protect Ozan, without however going into depth into the matter. Something new will emerge regarding the night of the murder and for Nihan it will be a hard blow, also because the girl will be accused, immediately afterwards, by her brother, of putting everyone in danger with her closeness to her ex...

Nobody knows that everything is part of Emir's plan which, in the meantime, he will have bet on Zeynep. While everyone at home will celebrate her engagement with Salih, she will accept an invitation from Emir himself which will take you, by helicopter, to attend one of the most desired events of the moment...!

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