Fabi Silvestri Gazzè at the Feltrinelli in Naples to meet the fans

Fabi Silvestri Gazzè's store tour will also stop at the Feltrinelli in Naples for the presentation of the new album

The first recording project of the three Italian artists Niccolò Fabi, Max Gazzè and Daniele Silvestri is called The Master of the Party and, a few days after the sale in stores, it is already enjoying enormous success.

Not only because the songs are already available for a short time preview on the ITunes platform, but also because the trio of songwriters has definitely attracted the attention of all their fans and the curious of this new journey together.

To present the work, the September 16 is out, the three have thought of a tour that will touch even international stages (Naples included), one is designed tour in the Feltrinelli of various cities of Italy.
Il 22 September 2014 they will be in Naples and the evening will also be an opportunity to take advantage of the firmacopie. Fans who purchase the album at one of the Feltrinelli stores will receive a pass that will allow priority access to the record's signature.

The store tour in Feltrinelli will start from Rome and admission will be free and free.

Information on the meeting with Fabi Silvestri Gazzè

When: 22 September 2014
Where: Feltrinelli, Via Santa Caterina a Chiaia 23 (at the corner of Piazza dei Martiri)
Schedule: 18.30
Price: free entry

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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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