Fans of Un Posto al Sole go crazy, Claudia Costa is back after 22 years!

Claudia Costa in an old scene from Un Posto al Sole

If before they were just rumors, now it's official: after an absence of 22 years, the character of Claudia Costa, which the most assiduous fans will certainly remember, will return to the scene in the next episodes of Un Posto al Sole. A historical face whose return has driven fans of the Neapolitan soap crazy who remember the emotions that this character gave us. When will he be back exactly? And how? Let's find out together what we know so far!

Who is Claudia Costa, a character who made history in Un Posto al Sole

It was the 1996 when Claudia Costa (played by Giada Desideri) made her debut in Un Posto al Sole even participating in the very first episode. A presence that has remained at the center of the plots for about two years in the role she well covered as a "climber", a woman of humble origins who pretended, instead, to be wealthy and who had important relationships with both Renato and Alberto.

Widow, former prostitute, victim of numerous deceptions: there was certainly no shortage of ingredients to make Claudia Costa one of the most lively characters on the soap. After 1998, however, she remained in the cast, appearing sporadically until 2002. From that moment, however, we have no longer seen her since, after various vicissitudes, Sonia had forced her to leave Naples forever.

When does Claudia Costa return to UPAS and how?

If Claudia Costa's return to Un Posto al Sole is now official, nothing is yet known about when exactly this will happen and how. It cannot be ruled out, given that her last relationship was with Alberto Palladini (who had left with her for Argentina), that the woman will once again intertwine her destiny with that of the lawyer. At this point we just have to wait!

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