Un Posto al Sole, previews and spoilers from 22 to 26 April

Giancarlo in A Place in the Sun
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Week full of twists that of A Place in the Sun that awaits us from 22 to 26 April 2024. In Palazzo Palladini and its surroundings, in fact, they will materialize well two marriage proposals, destined to change the fate of the protagonists forever. We inform you that one of these will concern Silvia: but who will ask for her hand in marriage, Michele or Giancarlo? Let's find out all the details together.

Will Silvia marry Giancarlo?

The week of Un Posto al Sole will start with a bang. While, in fact, Silvia will try to clarify her feelings after the rapprochement with Michele, he will also have to deal with his relationship with Giancarlo. Noticing a certain distance, in fact, the man will have an idea: he will surprise his partner with a completely unexpected proposal. In fact, he will ask her to marry him. Silvia, we anticipate, will accept and when Michele finds out, he will make an incredible decision.

Mariella, the usual chatterbox in Un Posto al Sole

One thing will be certain: by confiding in Mariella, Silvia will have made a big mistake. In fact, everything can be said about Guido's wife except that she is discreet. And indeed, the woman will have an irresistible desire to talk to someone about what Silvia has recently revealed to her.

Damiano discovers the truth about the threats to Rosa

Damiano he will be very busy trying to safeguard, as much as possible, the safety of Rosa and Manuel. Waiting for a response from Eduardo, who will arrive immediately afterwards and thanks to Nunzio's intuition, the Renda will discover the truth: now it will be clear who is behind the threats to his family! Flavio Bianchi is the enemy to fight but behind him is the boss Angelo Torrente.

Guido unrecognizable in A Place in the Sun

Since he had the health problem that forced him to be hospitalized, Guido appears completely changed to us and it will continue to be like this! In fact, he will be the one cause great displeasure to the person who has always been his great friend, Michele.

But beware: Mariella, tired of her husband's attitudes, will decide to go on the counterattack. She will follow Bice's advice and he will launch himself on Alberto Palladini hoping, in this way, to move Guido's jealousy. Will it be a winning move?

Niko and Valeria doing well, Manuela KO

After the clarification that involved them, between Niko and Valeria things will go super well. There will be a very strong complicity between the two and their relationship will take one step forward after another. In the midst of all this serenity, however, someone will continue to feel really bad. We are talking about Manuela who just won't be able to get over it but, at the same time, he won't have the courage to talk to him. Just the Poggi will give Jimmy great disappointment when he decides to leave: Renato will try to comfort him. Will he succeed?

Clara thinks about her future with Eduardo in Un Posto al Sole

Moments of great reflection for Clara in the next episodes of Un Posto al Sole. Eduardo's now clear decision to collaborate with the judiciary will give rise to many questions. What will their life be like once man has started this journey? Decisive moment, then, for Sabbiese, ready for the first meeting with Cimmino. Attention: for him a surprising proposal is coming of Clara. Which? We leave you in suspense but we tell you that it will be something beautiful that will make Sabbiese very happy.

New unexpected events for Marina and Roberto

Marina and Roberto will decide to leave for a nice holiday whose destination will be South Korea. The two will therefore be involved in the organization which, however, will be interrupted by an unexpected arrival that will completely upset their plans. Furthermore, relationships with Ida will also be heavily affected. But who will it ever be?

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