Federico II of Naples celebrates 800 years with 2 years of events and the new headquarters in Scampia

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The Federico II University of Naples turns 800 and from this year a rich program of events and initiatives will start that will last until 5 June 2024.

It will be 2 years of activities, workshops, cultural meetings and many other events scattered throughout the territory. On the occasion of this prestigious anniversary, a Federico II headquarters will also be inaugurated and the godmother of this event will be the Miss Italy Neapolitan Zeudi Di Palma, a young woman who has always been active for the redemption of our territory. The first workshops in this new location will open between spring and summer 2023.

What the program includes

Among the many scheduled events there will be, among others:

  • the foundation of the study center for the future construction of a diffuse museum of the Federico II;
  • the University itineraries (“Federico II opens the courts”);
  • the Hackathons;
  • international workshops;
  • the Frederick cookbook;
  • events in the various locations;
  • competitions for students.

The detailed program of events will be gradually disseminated over the next few weeks.

The foundation of the prestigious Federico II

The date of the 5 June 2024, the day on which the events will end, will be strongly symbolic because precisely in 5 June 1224 Frederick II of Swabia inaugurated Athensor with these beautiful words that are part of his founding letter:

... we wish for our Kingdom that, by means of a source of knowledge and a seminar of teachings, many become competent and shrewd, ... .. We have, therefore, arranged for the arts to be taught and studies to flourish in the enchanting city of Naples of every profession, so that those who are fasting and hungry for knowledge may find in the Kingdom itself something to satisfy their appetite… ”.

The Rector of Federico II, Matteo Lorito, referred to these words when he presented the program of events that will pay homage to the to 8 centuries of inclusion and development that our University carries on.

Polo of San Giovanni della Federico II

Culture, Innovation and Sustainability

These are the three keywords around which the program of initiatives will develop, which will go on for two years.


There will be many cultural initiatives which will aim to spread the knowledge of Federico II, its history and its traditions. The initiatives have the aim of identifying in the history of the Faculty those elements on which its future is based with a view to productivity.


THEFederico II University has transformed innovation into one of its distinctive elements. A significant example is the creation of Pole of San Giovanni, a center of excellence for research and technological development. Likewise, the institution launched new degree courses with a strong international footprint, recognized for their quality and orientation towards global needs.

Another fundamental aspect is the University's attention towards cultural activities. He has established collaborations with museums and foundations of international caliber, promoting joint projects and workshops. These initiatives not only enrich the educational profile of the university but also contribute to spreading culture and innovation.

Not to be overlooked are the strategic partnerships established with large companies. These collaborations not only promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise but also bring the Made in Italy on a global level, confirming the importance and effectiveness of the innovative approach adopted by the Federico II University.


In these two years the activities on the topic of sustainability which are part of different areas of the University: Agriculture and Veterinary, Pharmacy, Medicine.

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