Women's Day in Naples with the Malafèmmena Tour: stories of heroines, lovers and Queens

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Also for this year, the Cultural Association De Rebus Neapolis to celebrate the anniversary of Women's Day 2022, March 8, organized a special edition of the tour Malafemmena.

The walk through the streets of the heart of Naples will allow you to get to know the latter better and to learn about the history of most feared women in the city.

Important personalities, beautiful women, brilliant, brave, determined and free but also dangerous, in fact during the tour you will retrace, together with the guide, the life and history of all those women who have lived and were both architects and victims of curses, spells and crimes. In short, a very special event not to be missed!

The itinerary of the Malafèmmena Tour in Naples

Here's what it will be the tour itinerary:

  • Women of Naples
  • Maria the redhead
  • Cancel life in art
  • Lucrezia the antiregine
  • Giulia and the devil's ring
  • Vittoria and the love potion
  • Maria the courage of passion
  • Giovanna eats it men
  • The disputed Lady

Woman dinner at the restaurant

There will also be the possibility of have dinner at the restaurant at the end of the Tour, in this case it will be necessary to communicate it at the time of booking for the event which can be made on the official website or by contacting the number indicated in the information mirror.

I menus offered are:

  • Pizza Menu: PIZZA of your choice (Margherita or Marinara or Bianca) + Neapolitan fritturina + Beer, Mineral water + Dessert = € 23 per person.
  • Earth Menu: FIRST + SECOND + HOME WINE, Mineral water + Sweet = 30,00 per person.
  • Sea Menu: FIRST + SECOND + HOME WINE, Mineral water + Sweet = 30,00 per person.

Information on Tour Malafemmena


March 8 2022


Appointment in front of Port'Alba, Naples

Working hours:

19 hours: 45


  • tour ticket (excluding restaurant) 13 euros per person, 10 euros per person if the group is composed of at least 4 people
  • Cost dinner menu pizza 23 euros, land menu and sea menu 30 euros


For the reservation: Official site or whatsapp 3511258465

Anti-Covid rules

  • Ffp2 mask
  • Super Green Passes
  • Where: Port'Alba Naples
  • When: Tuesday 08 March 2022, from 19 pm
  • Prezzi:
    • Tour ticket: €13
    • Tour ticket per person with a minimum of 4 people: €10
    • Pizza menu: €23
    • Land and sea menu: €30
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