Witches Tour in Naples to get to know the filming locations of Mystery Land

San Domenico Maggiore
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Return a new appointment with the Witches Tour in Naples, organized by the De Rebus Neapolis Association.

The dates that will go will be different from March to August 2022 and that will allow you to know all the locations of the filming of the program Mystery Land, conducted by Alvin and Aurora Ramazzotti.

In particular, the second episode will be titled The night of the witches and by participating in the guided tour you will be catapulted into those filming locations, thus having the opportunity to learn about stories and legends concerning two witches who lived in Naples.

The route of the Witches Tour

After the walk to the historic center, and to the symbolic places of Naples, the tour will continue with a visit to the Torture Museum, inside which there is an original copy of the Malleus Maleficarum and the tools of torture used by the executioners.

You will also find many forbidden books, put on the index by the church because they are considered written directly by the devil. We will then continue towards the basilica of San Domenico Maggiore seat of the court of the Inquisition, where once upon a time, numerous innocent people suffered the most terrible sentences and tortures.

We will then restart from Port'Alba with the story of Maria, called La Rossa, and will end in Piazza Sisto Riario Sfroza, with the story of the witch aradia.

The Mystery Land program

It was a program of pseudoscientific disclosure, as mentioned hosted by Alvin and Aurora Ramazzotti, which was broadcast on Italia 1 on Monday evening. Among the writers there is also Roberto Giacobbo, conductor and writer who chews this matter.

At the moment the programming has not started again, but we are thinking of a new broadcast with a new format. The themes are precisely those pseudoscientific, including witches, ghosts, some myths and mystical events.

How to book

Reservation is mandatory. It should be done at De Rebus Naples website or at the number 3511258465.

Information on the Witches Tour in Naples


  • 19 March
  • 2, 16, 30 April
  • 14, 28 May
  • 11, 25 June
  • 9, 23 July
  • 6 August


Appointment at Port'Alba

Working hours:

17 hours: 00


  • Full ticket 15 euro
  • Reduced ticket (9-15 years) 10 euros
  • Reduced university students 12 euros


De Rebus Neapolis official website | for online booking visit following site - whatsapp booking: 3511258465

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  • Ffp2 mask up to current regulations
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