Festival of the Cistecca Montese and other 2016 Street Food in Monte di Procida

Montese Steak Festival and other street food
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The real Cistecca di Monte di Procida and lots of street food will be the protagonists of three unforgettable days!

From 15 to 17 June 2016, Monte di Procida will host the "Festival of the Cistecca Montese and other Street Food", the famous kermesse dedicated to gastronomy and tradition.

The special event, organized by the Consortium of Cistecca Montese, will pay tribute to the famous Monte Cistecca di Procida, a sort of fillet cooked grilled stuffed with meat, stringy scamorza cheese and many typical local side dishes and condiments.

With more than 3000mq of exposure, set at the natural terrace of Via Panoramica, the tasty party will allow you to taste not only the real Cistecca, crunchy, fragrant and rich in flavor, but also a lot good street food prepared in pretty APE car and Food trucks, as tradition dictates.

Three rich days to share in joy together with lots of good music, rivers of craft beer, shows and shows also dedicated to children and that will surely make the event a 'sensory experience at 360 degrees.

Information on the Festiva della Cistecca Montese and other Street Food

When: from 15 to 17 June 2015
Where: Via Panoramica, Monte di Procida (NA)
Information: website Montese steak

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