2018 Cistecca Festival at Monte di Procida: quality sandwiches, street food and concerts

Cistecca del Monte di Procida
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The program of the 2018 Cistecca Festival at Monte di Procida with a quality sandwich with meat and cheese, concerts, tasting menus and beer!

Return the beloved Festival of Cistecca al Monte di Procida, in the province of Naples, and this year it will take place from 28 June to 1 July 2018, always ad free entry. For a fee there will be only the exquisite menus that will allow you to taste this nice local creation, the Montese steak, which uses the American cheese steak, but which uses Italian products.

In fact, in this third edition, the Cistecca continues to be prepared with four types of cattle, salad, aubergines, peppers or friarielli and scamorza and it is a product that you will only find at Monte di Procida. Therefore, it promises to be a fantastic Festival that unites one quality sandwich al good street food.

There will not be only the Cistecca, however, because you can also taste it many other local products, all accompanied by excellent beer. Even the music will be the master, thanks to tribute band bells of Pino Daniele, The U2, Coldplay need Vasco Rossi, and there will be plenty of fun with entertainment.

This year the location will be even bigger because the event will take place in a space beyond 3000 square meters adjacent to the Town Hall and parking can accommodate more than 5000 car.

Tasting menu of the Cistecca Festival

The menu can be purchased both on-site and online (at the link in the information at the end of the article) and, in this second case, you will avoid making files at the casse e you will save on the ticket. In addition, from May 20 you can also buy in bitcoin.


  • Cistecca
  • Chips or second course of your choice
  • Beer or drink
  • Caffè

Concerts of the Cistecca Festival

Every night there will be a tribute band.

28nd June

The Joshua Treebute - U2 Tribute

29nd June

Vascover Band - Vasco Rossi Tribute

30nd June

Toledo - Pino Daniele Tribute

1 July

Yellowclocks - Coldplay Tribute

Information on the Cistecca Festival

When: from 28 June to 1 July 2018

Where: Via Panoramica (adjacent to the Town Hall / Town Hall) - Monte di Procida (NA)

Schedule: from 18.00 am to 24.00 pm


  • 10 euro tasting menu
  • if you buy online you save: 2 menu cost 18 euro | 5 menu 45 euro
  • buy online

Info: Official site | Facebook event | Facebook page | cisteccamontese@gmail.com | WhatsApp: 3314292119

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