Free visits to the Vesuvius National Park: three days between nature and history

aerial view of beautiful mount vesuvius, Naples in Campania, Italy

It dates back to March 17, 1944, or 80 years ago, the last eruption of Vesuvius, an event that destroyed Massa di Somma and San Sebastiano, sprinkling Ottaviano and the entire South with ashes. Precisely on the occasion of this event from Sunday 17 to Tuesday 19 March 2024 three days of free visits will take place at the historic headquarters of the Vesuvian Observatory and path no. 9 of the National Park.

In particular, the event that encompasses the three days is entitled “Knowing and experiencing Vesuvius, 80 years after the last eruption” and is organized by the Vesuvian Observatory of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, by the Civil Protection department in collaboration with the Regional School Office for Campania.

What do visits to Vesuvius entail?

Le guided tours they will be open to everyone, especially on the day of Sunday 17 will be reserved for all population with departures every hour from 09:00 to 15:00 with reservations required while seats last. March 18th and 19th will be days dedicated to schools who have joined this special initiative with the Regional School Office.

During the three days one will take place visit to the historic headquarters of the Vesuvian Observatory, a will be screened movie which will concern the 1944 eruption.

We will then continue with a fascinating walk along path no. 9 of Vesuvius, that is The Lava River. The visit will last approximately 2 hours and it will be necessary to make a reservation. They will be special opportunities to visit this place, discover its history, the risks associated with it and all the typical phenomena of the place.

Hikers exploring Mount Vesuvius.
Hikers exploring Mount Vesuvius.

How to participate

To participate you must complete the reservation by sending an email to, taking care to indicate the number of people, the name of the school institute or association, the email address and telephone number of a contact person.

Contacts and information

Vesuvius National Park official site | Vesuvian Observatory site | reservation:

  • Where: Vesuvio
  • When: from Sunday 17 March 2024 to Tuesday 19 March 2024, from 09:00
  • Price: the event is free
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