Festival delle Scale in Naples: from the hills to the center between music and urban trekking

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Starting from 4 December 2021, the appointment with the event is renewed Festival of the Stairs of Naples, an event now in its tenth edition and which this year will have the participation.

The tenth edition to discover the stairs of the city

The event was born as an idea for enhance the historical scales that allow citizens and tourists to cross the whole city, from Vomero to the historic center, from Posillipo to the sea, from Capodimonte to Via Foria, discovering wonderful views and breathtaking glimpses.

Therefore, thanks to the Festival delle Scale you will be able to get to know the experiences of the common goods of the district of Pontecorvo, the activities of the Intelligent District on the steps of Montesanto, of the young people of Casa Tolentino and much more.

The living nativity scene and the Flash mob

Moreover, just on the occasion of Christmas on the stairs of the Princess Jolanda there will be living crib curated by Carlo Restaino and Osea Association, and fashion Flash Mob along some stairs of the city thanks to the collaboration with Fashion week 2021.


Here are the scheduled appointments:

18th December

  • At 09: 30 Nature between the stairs: walk with the zoologist to discover urban biodiversity by crossing the Pedamentina.

Where: appointment in Largo San Martino, Naples

Price: 8 euros, 4 euros for children aged 10 to 17, free for children up to 10 years

Contacts: Reservations required at Knature.wildlife@gmail.com

  • At 10: 00 The community and the common goods: walk through Salita Pontecorvo and its stairs in the heart of the historic city center.

Where: appointment at Piazza Mazzini (corner of the post office)

Price: 6 €

Contacts: reservations required: 3388408138

19 December

  • At 10: 30 Up and down the steps of Petraio and San Nicola da Tolentino

Where: appointment in Piazza Fuga, on the central funicular side

Price: 8 €

Contacts: reservations required at ass.benicult@gmail.com or whatsapp at 3358236123

26 December

  • At 11: 00 As Water Flows: Flowing Prose in Pedamentina: live authorial songs and dance

Where: appointment at Piazzale di San Martino

Price: 12 €

Contacts: reservations required 3914143578 gentegreenaps@gmail.com

  • From 17:00 to 22:00 on Living Nativity along the stairs of Niccolini to the Capodimonte Tondo

Where: Tondo of Capodimonte

Price: price quotation

Contacts: information: 3342637876

January 6 2022

  • At 11:00 and 12:30 Witches and Janare: the legend of the Befana at the stairs of the Niccolini Tondo of Capodimonte.

Where: Tondo of Capodimonte

Price: 12 €

Contacts: reservations required 3334666597 lachiavediartemysia@gmail.com

January 9 2022

  • At 10: 30 The story of the city: the stairs of Sedile di Porto from Cerriglio to Banchi Nuovi.

Where: appointment at Piazza Bovio, on the side of Palazzo della Borsa

Price: 8 €

Contacts: reservations required: ass.benicult@gmail.com or whatsapp at 3358236123

Information on the Festival delle Scale of Naples


18, 19, 26 December and 6 and 9 January 2022


Various places in Naples


Official website

Image source: Where to travel- Corriere

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  • Where: Largo San Martino
  • When:
    • Saturday 18 December 2021 from 09:30
    • Sunday 19 December 2021 from 10:30
    • Sunday 26 December 2021 from 11:00
    • Thursday 06 January 2022 from 11pm
    • Sunday 09 January 2022 from 09:30
  • Prezzi:
    • Maximum ticket: €12
    • Minimum ticket: €6
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