Giambruno's Fuorionda in Striscia "let's do a 4-way thing"

Striscia attacks Andrea Giambruno

In the folds of a recent episode of Strip the News, a figure now known to the Italian public emerges: Andrew Giambruno, journalist and companion of Giorgia Meloni. A character who, thanks to some outsiders, shows an unexpected side of himself.

Striscia's attack on Meloni's teammate

Striscia la Notizia inaugurates a new column and decides to open the ball by putting Andrea Giambruno in the spotlight.

Being also the companion of a high profile politician like Giorgia Meloni, the interest around his figure grows, fueling a certain media curiosity.

The revealing revelations, here is the real Andrea Giambruno

During these moments of break from the live broadcast, Giambruno does not hesitate to express bold observations regarding her hair and comments on her colleague's dress, with some sentences that give rise to slightly disturbing interpretations.

Why are they focusing on my hair when there are much more serious issues to talk about?

Andrew Giambruno

But that is not all, in a later episode of Striscia La Notizia even more disturbing phrases emerge of a sexual nature.

Do you want to join our group? [..] translated, if he fucks

Andrew Giambruno

Giambrunasca's journalism: the season of love. At the link in bio all the new vehicles. #newsstripe #AndreaGiambruno #tiktok #neverpert #for you #channel 5 #giorgiameloni

♬ original sound – scialanotizia

The inappropriate compliments to my colleague

In addition to focusing on himself, Giambruno also finds time to interact with someone fellow journalist, known as Viviana. Her words represent a cocktail of compliments and comments ranging from her dress to her general state of mind.

The only opinion that matters to me is Viviana's, but the beauty of this estoril blue, a cultured woman like you should know, China blue no, it doesn't suit you, you are of a higher level, better today? Are you in a good mood? I was sorry to see you yesterday a little…You are a very intelligent woman, but why didn't I meet you before.

Andrea Giambruno's gaffes from the past

It is not the first time that Giambruno has ended up in the sights of Striscia la Notizia. In the past, the journalist has been the subject of ridicule for others media controversies, like when he defined immigration as a "transhumance", only to then have to apologize on live television.

It was not the only case, on another occasion, which also caused a sensation, referring to the facts relating to the rape in Palermo where a girl had been abused by several boys, Giambruno reported his opinion

avoid getting drunk, because there is the risk that the wolf will find him

Andrew Giambruno

The breakdown of the relationship with Giorgia Meloni

Just two days after the first publication of Striscia La Notizia's indiscretions, Meloni's official post arrives like a bolt from the blue.

Her relationship with Giambruno is over, as has been declared for some time, but the timing is somewhat suspicious.

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