College 7: Gabriel kisses Elisa, Jade is jealous!

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Collegio 7 has just begun, but in this edition, set in 1958, there is already a sensational "first": a triangle, started by Gabriel Rennis (nicknamed "the Latin lover of Ostia"), with Giada Scognamillo and Elisa Angius , who has already left behind a broken heart and a promise of revenge.

"The triangle no, I had never considered it" sang a few years ago Renato Zero in one of his famous success, but perhaps because the singer had not yet met Gabriel Rennis, One of the protagonists of Il Collegio 7, nicknamed “the latin lover of Ostia”.

Il docu-reality, which in the first editions aimed to "re-educate" children of our contemporary world drunk with smartphones and cutting-edge technology, this year saw a real "first": a love triangle, in full 1958, created to perfection by Rennis with Giada Scognamillo and Elisa Angius.

Gabriel Rennis, first kisses Jade, but then he prefers Elisa

The 16enne, after hinting a interest in Giada, it was immediately stepped forward with Elisa, denying the flirtation with the blonde classmate.

This has made both girls very nervous, who now openly contend for it, even if Giada is a few years older than Gabriel.

Not only that: the second episode of the College 7 also saw a confrontation between the three very fiery, with Giada that in the end, furious as ever, he decided to step aside, thus leaving (for the moment) the field free to the rival, who in the night exchanged fiery kisses with Gabriel Rennis.

Who is Gabriel Rennis, the Latin lover of "Il Collegio 7"

Gabriel Rennis from "The College 7", according to the little information we have been able to find about him, is a footballer at a competitive level. He loves sports, he was born in Ostia in 2006 (the precise date of birth is not known, however) and has a profile on Instagram, which he does not use much, however.

Speaking of himself, the 16-year-old said he is having taken a lot from his father, such as his gut love for women , belief that the Roman language must be considered "Correct Italian".

He takes great care of his physical appearance and attends the linguistic high school, but he doesn't have much passion for studying, which is why the mother, That is a French teacher and a vice principal, as a last "extreme remedy" has decided to enroll him in The College 7 to try to get him back on the right path.

Ha a passion for girls older than him and, in his presentation video (where in fact he is seen with many girls), stated that they come after him, but that he lets himself be desired.

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