GF VIP 7, what time does it end? When they announce the winner

GF VIP the finalists

The two super finalists of Big Brother VIP 2023 will be announced around 1:00 in the morning, while the winner will be proclaimed between 1:50 and 2:00. This schedule, although late, is in line with previous editions of the reality show.

According to Fabrizio Corona, Edward Tavassi he could have been the winner, but it seems that the former castaway will have to settle for another place, in fact he was already eliminated during the final. The fight for the final victory will be between Nikita Pelizon e oriana marzoli, with Nikita slightly favored. Meanwhile, Antonella Fiordelisi encourages her followers to vote for Nikita. Here are the results of the latest polls:

  • Survey about Big Brother Forum Free:
    • Nikita Pelizon: 64,01%
    • Oriana Marzoli: 19,22%
    • Edoardo Tavassi: 6,50%
    • Milena Miconi: 2,98%
    • Alberto De Pisis: 2,84%
    • Micol Incorvaia: 2,44%
    • Giaele De Donà: 2,03%
  • Survey about Reality House:
    • Oriana Marzoli: 50% (2003 votes)
    • Nikita Pelizon: 37% (1478 votes)
    • Edoardo Tavassi: 5% (180 votes)
    • Micol Incorvaia: 3% (103 votes)
    • Giaele De Donà: 2% (85 votes)
    • Alberto De Pisis: 2% (66 votes)
    • Milena Miconi: 1% (52 votes)
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