GF Vip 7: Pino di Mare Outside had to participate in Big Brother

Artem Tkachuk, known as Pino di Mare Fuori

The actor Artem, known for his role in the television series Sea Out, is making a lot of talk about itself. After becoming super famous thanks to the role of Pino in the Neapolitan fiction, he also took over in Un Passo Dal Cielo 7 in the last episode aired. But now there are other rumors about him.

The young actor should have participate in the GF Vip 7, but his entry did not materialize.

The indiscretion emerged on Twitter

During a room on Twitter dedicated to the winner of the reality show, Nikita Pelizon, the journalist Gabriel Parpiglia revealed that one of the protagonists of the popular Rai 2 series (Mare Fuori) could have been one of the competitors of GF Vip 7. The participants in the conversation tried to discover who it was, proposing various names, but without success.

But as reported by Pipol TV on his official Instagram page, the actor in question would be Artem, interpreter of Pino in the successful series 'Mare Fuori'. The news of his possible participation in the GF VIP 7 it spread for a few days in the corridors Mediaset, but then nothing more was done about it, at least according to the rumor that emerged.

Artem, represented by the agent Paula Benegas, was near the entrance to the most spied on house in Italy, but the negotiation did not go through.

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