Cast of Mare Fuori 5, here's who is leaving the series

Carmine at sea Outside 4

Sea Out he never spared any character, not even the protagonist. We can give the example of Philip, but also of Ciro who returns only as a flashback. Who is leaving the cast of Mare Fuori this time? definitively? Here are the names not present in the fifth season:

  • Don Salvatore Ricci (interpreted by Root)
  • Crazy J (interpreted by Clara Succini)
  • Edward Conte (interpreted by Matthew Paulillo)
  • Carmine DiSalvo (interpreted by Massimiliano Caizzo)
  • kubra (interpreted by Kyshan Wilson)
  • Cyrus Ricci (interpreted by James George), there is no certainty

Don Salvatore Ricci, who died at the hands of Edoardo

The death of Don Salvatore Ricci, masterfully played by Root, marks the end of a crucial chapter for Mare Fuori. Boss Ricci is out of the picture, who will take his place? Apparently it could be his daughter Rosa Ricci who chose the path of revenge instead of that of love, leaving Carmine at the altar.

We remember that Don Salvatore was killed by Edoardo Conte to take revenge and take his place in the clan.

Edoardo Conte and Salvatore Ricci

Does Edoardo Conte die in Mare Fuori 4?

The story of Edward Conte, brought to the screen by Matthew Paulillo, finds a bitter conclusion this season. After having sought redemption in vain, Edoardo seems to leave the cast of Mare Fuori. While he tries to find the Ricci money in the cemetery, specifically in Ciro Ricci's crypt, the boy is violently hit by a shovel. The scene ends with him locked in the crypt covered in blood.

We do not know who killed him. It could have been Rosa Ricci, Cucciolo, Micciarella or even Carmela.


Carmine di Salvo (Massimiliano Caizzo)

Carmine di Salvo, interpreted by Massimiliano Caizzo, makes an emotional exit, choosing to abandon the past for an uncertain future far from Naples. Carmine is left at the altar by Rosa Ricci engaged in her revenge for her father's death.

The decision of young Di Salvo reflects the search for redemption and the hope for a better future, it is triggered by his daughter Futura who deserves to grow up far from the underworld.


Crazy J (Clara Succini), leaves the cast?

Also Crazy J, interpreted by Clara Succini, seems to be abandoning the series. We are not absolutely certain, but after setting fire to the music studio, she was transferred to the adult prison as she was now an adult. It seems to be a farewell for her too.

Ciro Ricci, does Giacomo Giorgio end his flashbacks?

Also the story arc of Cyrus Ricci seems to have concluded. Giacomo Ricci once again played the character of Ciro stuck in the past. In fact, the young Ricci is dead permanently and this season he seems to have won over his fans again with his role as brother greater and above all than son: Ciro saves his mother from the mental hospital where she is forcibly admitted by Don Salvatore.


We don't know exactly if Ciro will still have flashbacks in the next season, but it seems that his character has now given everything he could give.

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