Mare Fuori 4, summary of the last episodes. How it ends

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Sea Out 4 also comes to an end on Rai 2, after being streamed on the free RaiPlay platform. But how will it end? In particular, attention is focused on Carmine and Rosa, this season's Romeo and Juliet, and also on Edoardo Conte.

Carmine and Rosa break up

Pink decides to welcome Carmine in his life, promising him eternal love. Faced with the proposal of wedding of the young man Di Salvo, eager to make her become the mother of the little girl Futura, his daughter, Rosa, after thinking about it, replies finally yes.

Carmine e Pink they come out ofIPM and I'm finally free to live theirs happy ending. There is also a very intense sex scene. But what was supposed to end as a tale, it soon turns into drama.

Wanda di Salvo, to hinder theirs love, shows the video of security cameras which highlights Edoardo exit the room Don Salvatore. Pink, Despite the despair, choose anyway Carmine.


The day of wedding , Rosa reaches the church with a look total white but definitely a trick dark. This stylistic choice symbolizes his dualism inner. He decides to leave Carmine to the altar to complete his mission: taking revenge for her father's murder by becoming a real one Rocks.

Carmine leaves Mare Fuori

Here's the first fundamental exit from the cast of Sea Out. Massimiliano Caiazzo concludes his here adventure with the series, moving away from Napoli with his daughter Futura, in search of a better future, thanks also to the support of Massimo, which he considers as a father.

Ciro Ricci is dead. He will not return to Sea Out

Ciro returns in the fourth season dthe Sea Outside, but only through flashback. These moments concern the period prior to his entry into theIPM, revealing his determination not to give up in the face of his mother's passing. Ciro, as well as being the older brother, manages to give a new life to his mother, previously forcibly hospitalized by Don Salvatore.


Does Edoardo die in Mare Fuori 4?

Edoardo plays a role crucial this season, deciding to embrace the justice. He leaves his wife Chamber of Commerce to officially join Teresa, entering the family Tomatoes despite the opposition of the girl's parents. After realizing I don't belong there IT world;, leave one hidden letter to Teresa and returns from Carmela, who welcomes him back.

His mission is to find the Ricci money, hidden in the Ciro Ricci's tomb. When Edoardo reaches the place, he is hit on the head by one shovel while looking for money in the crypt. The crypt closes, leaving us uncertain about his fate.


Rosa Ricci the new boss of the family

Pink leaves Carmine on the altar and heads, in a wedding dress, towards her brother's tomb Ciro to get the money. The scene highlights his abandonment of the path of redemption to embrace that of underworld, choosing the revenge , family above the love for Carmine.

Who took the Riccis' money?

Un interrogative remains open. To the cemetery, three factions di Sea Out they fight for money: Curly Rose, Micciarella e Puppy, Edoardo. We know that the latter fails to take the money, leaving the doubt between Curly Rose and fratelli determined to follow the crime street.

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