Will Mare Fuori 5 happen? Cast, previews, release


Sea Out he brought home another success and he certainly has no intention of stopping. The series returns with a fifth season and, moreover, Mare Fuori 6 has also been confirmed even if the direction will change. But when could we see Mare Fuori 5?

Mare Fuori 5 has already been confirmed

Confirmation of Sea Out 5 it doesn't surprise anyone, given the success achieved by the series. The release is scheduled for February 2025, the season will continue to explore the intricate dynamics of love, loyalty and power that have defined the series.

With a total of 12 episodes, viewers can expect another emotional journey between the remaining characters in the cast. Furthermore, it was Mare Fuori 6 also confirmed.


Who won't be in Mare Fuori 5. who has left the cast

The exit of some characters central marks a significant turning point for the narrative of Sea Out. Here who will not return in season five and the reasons for their exits:

  • Don Salvatore Ricci (Raiz): His death by Edward Conte definitively closes the chapter of the Ricci boss, leaving new questions of succession and power open.
  • Edward Conte (Matthew Paulillo): After a failed attempt at redemption, his tragic end in the crypt of Cyrus Ricci excludes him from future narratives of the series. We are not sure of its release, but it is very likely.
  • Carmine di Salvo (Massimiliano Caizzo): His decision to leave Naples for a better future elsewhere distances him from the center of the story.
  • Crazy J (Clara Succini): His transfer to adult prison, after the music studio fire, suggests a farewell to the series. We're not sure about her either.
  • Cyrus Ricci (Giacomo Giorgio): Although dead, Ciro's flashbacks enriched the narrative. However, his story seems to have reached a natural conclusion. He won't return to Mare Fuori 5?
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