Mare Fuori 4 on Rai 2, episodes 20 March. Previews and plot

Carmine and Wanda from Mare Fuori 4
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New Wednesday, new appointment with Sea Out 4. The season is about to come to an end, in fact on 20 March 2024 the episodes 11 and 12. Let's remember that, unlike the other seasons, this time 14 episodes were filmed, so it won't be the last episode.

Previews of Mare Fuori 4 episodes of March 20th

Mare Fuori 4, episode 11 (March 20): Keep hope alive

Massimo leads Mimmo onto the roof and, threatening him, forces him to reveal the identity of those responsible for the attack on Comfort, discovering that it was Wanda to orchestrate the event. In anger, Massimo confronts Wanda and with a gun, but Carmine intervenes just in time, persuading him to desist and preventing a murder that would have tarnished both of them.

The revelation about the attack on Comfort makes you lose a Carmine every trust in Wanda, despite his justifications for wanting to protect him. Disappointed and angry, Carmine leaves Wanda, taking away Futura and closing all ties with her.


Sofia informs Pink the judge gave the green light to their marriage, allowing them to start a new life under protected identities. This news brings Pink to reflect on the loss of their future closeness. In the meantime, Luigi (Puppy) expresses his disappointment towards Pink for having denied their origins, but Pink she tries in vain to convince him to leave the criminal path, highlighting the gap between their realities.

The story unfolds through emotionally charged encounters and confrontations, including the confession of Raffaele a Luigi on the death of Alfred and the decision of Pink to help Carmela to rebuild their lives away from conflicts and betrayed loyalties. These tangles of loyalty, betrayal and personal redemption reveal the complexity of human bonds, underlining the desire for protection, revenge and the search for new hope.

Mare Fuori 4, episode 12 (March 20): The gift

Angelo turns himself in to the police station, admitting that he had stole a car and hit a woman, ending upIPM. Meanwhile, Kubra, unable to hide his joy over his graduation, reveals to everyone that Beppe he is his father and he hugs him. Alina escapes from the IPM by diving into the sea, under the gaze of Nunzia.

Rosa, with Sofia, returns home to get some things and Maria's wedding dress, which she will wear in her wedding with Carmine. Meanwhile, the IPM closes the course pizzeria and one starts on the coffee.

Alina sees the brother with her adoptive family at the zoo, but decides to remain hidden, then returning to the IPM peacefully for her brother's happiness.

kubra decides to leave Pine, telling him that, although she loves him, she doesn't love him.


Massimo apologizes to Mimmo, who decides to testify against him Wanda. But when they go to arrest her, she has disappeared. While Luigi and Raffaele understand the mistake of wanting to join the Ricci and plan to take the clan's hidden money.

Finally, the episode ends with a plot twist. Rosa receives from Wanda a mysterious gift: a cell phone, through which he will find out who he killed Don Salvatore.

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