Does Ciro return to Mare Fuori 4? Is he alive or dead? Spoilers

Since the passing of Ciro, the character played by Giacomo Giorgio in Mare Fuori, many thought he would suddenly return. What does the well-known character do this season? He really is dead or, instead, is he alive?

Ciro present in Mare Fuori 4?

Ciro is present in the fourth season of Mare Fuori 4, but only as flashback. The young boy, much loved by fans of the series, has finally died. His scenes concern exclusively moments from the past, set before entering the IPM of Naples.

We will see not only Ciro being affectionate brother older, but above all a Ciro determined to save his mother who was forcibly hospitalized by Don Salvatore. But nothing more: Ciro is dead and will not return.

Is his character really dead? The doubt about the uncut eyebrow has been dispelled

The fans' hope concerned the photos released on the web where he he doesn't have a trimmed eyebrow (as in the previous seasons of Mare Fuori) and consequently it was thought they could be "current" scenes and not flashbacks. Ciro actually doesn't have his eyebrow cut off, but the scenes are flashbacks.

In fact, in an exclusive interview with Fanpage, Farina clearly expressed the irrevocable decision taken together with Maurizio Careddu, another writer of the series: Ciro Ricci will not come back to life, in line with the philosophy of the series which aims to reflect the irreversible consequences of its characters' mistakes.

The official confirmation therefore arrives without any possibility of misunderstanding: Ciro Ricci is dead and will not be "resurrected". This choice was dictated by the desire to maintain a narrative coherence that reflects reality, where actions have definitive consequences. Everything was confirmed in this fourth season.

Furthermore, James George it is active in others important television projects, such as DOC in your hands with Luca Argentero.

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