Mare Fuori, who killed Edoardo Conte? The theories


Edward Conte seems to be out of the cast and, therefore, should not be present in the fifth season. After his message released on Instagram, there's a lot going on on social media theory which explain who killed the character played by Matthew Paulillo.

Edoardo Conte killed by Rosa for revenge

He is certainly the most obvious character to have committed this crime Curly Rose. Arriving at the cemetery, dressed entirely in white having abandoned Carmine at the altar, Rosa walks among the tomb lights without a specific destination. We don't know what she did, we only know that she chose the path of revenge instead of redemption.

Una theory travels on tiktok, according to the latter something could be glimpsed behind Edoardo's back. Since it's the middle of the night, we don't know exactly what it is, but... near the tree there seems to be one person dressed in white. Is it Rosa in her wedding dress? Here is the video of the theory:

Edoardo Conte killed by Ciro

Probably the theory that fans love most concerns that of Cyrus Ricci. This character has been dead for many seasons now, but fans still think he might be still alive. Also thanks to the video of Giacomo Giorgio, in the role of Ciro Ricci in the family crypt, who exclaims "I am immortal" some people say they have seen Ciro reflected both in the crypt and on an ambulance. Was it he who avenged his father Don Salvatore?

Here are the videos of the theories:

Edoardo Conte killed by Carmela

According to others, however, it would have been exactly there wife of Edward to commit the crime. Everything is based above all on the interview given by the actress Giovanna Sannino during which he stated that his character will "get tired" and "leave his calm state" in season four. Does that mean she did it?

Edoardo Conte killed by Milos

Finally, he: Milos the unsuspected. Many of us have forgotten that the boy was outside prison when Edoardo's murder was committed. But why would he ever hurt his bandmate? For Puppy, her boyfriend (now ex) who is now in conflict with Edoardo.

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