Mare Fuori, who put the handle under Edoardo's pillow?

Edoardo Conte and Salvatore Ricci

Edward Conte he climbed the heights of crime in Mare Fuori 4 and he did it above all by killing Don Salvatore, father of Rosa and Ciro Ricci. But how did he manage to carry out this murder? Not alone, in fact someone left him the handle to open the balcony of the hospital where he was hospitalized.

With this handle, Edward Conte manages to leave his room, which was supervised by a 24-hour guard, and secretly enter the room Don Salvatore at night. But who put the handle there?

Everything indicates Wanda Di Salvo as the mastermind behind the killing of Don Salvatore Ricci. It doesn't seem like just an idea, but a sure thing, revealed by some important moments that not everyone noticed.

When Carmela is outside the hospital and receives the news of someone's death, a mens. It is about henchman of Wanda Di Salvo which we had already seen in previous episodes.

It seems a strange coincidence that he was right there at that moment, so it could have been him who put the handle to make Edoardo Conte commit the crime.

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