Do Carmine and Rosa leave Mare Fuori? They won't be in season five

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“Sea Outside 4” ended and left fans a little disappointed, especially with the love story between Carmine e Pink.

Carmine DiSalvo e Curly Rose they fascinated everyone with a strong love but full of problems, making us think about the story of Romeo e Giulietta. In fourth season, however, twists and turns happened that no one expected for these two, masterfully played by Massimiliano Caiazzo e Maria Esposito.


Won't Rosa and Carmine be in Mare Fuori 5?

The fate of Carmine e Pink in Mare Fuori revealed itself in the fourth season, concluding their narrative journey definitively. Their relationship, born and raised between the contrasts of the Neapolitan factions, reached an epilogue in which they go their separate ways, moving away from the shadows that have threatened their love since the beginning.

Rosa chooses the Riccis and abandons Carmine at the altar

In a twist that left viewers speechless, Curly Rose makes a drastic decision that marks the point of no return in his history with Carmine DiSalvo. After discovering that Edoardo killed her father thanks to Wanda Di Salvo who shows her the security camera video, Rosa chooses to embrace the destiny and responsibilities that derive from her bond with the Ricci family, leaving Carmine only at the altar.

Dressed as sposa, outside the church, Rosa greets Carmine despite her love.


This choice not only underlines the Rosa's deep internal conflict, torn between love and duty towards her family, but also marks a decisive moment that redefines her path, definitively directing it towards revenge and hiring a leadership role within the Ricci clan.

Carmine leaves Naples alone with his daughter Futura

After being abandoned at the altar by Pink, Carmine DiSalvo he finds himself faced with a reality that he can no longer ignore. His Napoli, city of love and pain, no longer belongs to him.

Carmine chooses to leave the city taking his daughter with him Futura to a place where the memories of his lost love and his family's battles can no longer reach him.

This step represents not only a physical escape but also an emotional one, a liberation from the chains of a destiny that seemed sealed, offering him a second chance far from the violence and conflict that have defined much of its existence.


The Carmine actor leaves Mare Fuori

The departure of Carmine from the series Sea Out coincides with the farewell of Massimiliano Caiazzo, the actor who brought the character to life with an intense and passionate performance.

Caiazzo, with his talent, delivered Carmine DiSalvo one of the most beloved and complex characters of Sea Out, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of fans who are very dissatisfied with the end of the relationship with Rosa.

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