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Salvatore Ricci
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Among the most loved features of Sea Out there's definitely his unpredictability. No character is truly safe, not even the protagonists. In every season, in fact, some actor from Mare Fuori leaves the cast, let's see who dies in season four.

The characters who die in Mare Fuori 4

In the heart of the action, “Sea Outside 4” presents us with an unexpected farewell: that of Don Salvatore Ricci, a boss who until now had kept everyone in suspense. His exit is not only sudden but marks a decisive turning point for the plot of the series.

Micciarella, Cucciolo's brother, is sent by Edoardo to threaten the lawyer Alfredo. During one of their scuffles a gunshot goes off and Alfred d'Angelo the lawyer loses his life. Micciarella killed a man.

Summary of dead characters in Mare Fuori 4:

  1. Don Salvatore Ricci at the hands of Edward
  2. Lawyer Alfredo d'Angelo at the hands of Micciarella
  3. Edward Conte at the hands of unknown persons

Other shocking events

Furthermore, another shocking event is the kidnapping and rape of the wife of Commander Maximus. The instigator is the mother of Carmine Di Salvo to take revenge for the man's constant interference in his son's life. However, we must underline that the boss Di Salvo she just wanted her men to scare her and didn't foresee the rape, in fact, the executioners lost their lives when Donna Wanda found out what had happened.

Another important aspect is that the violence suffered by Massimo's ex-wife occurred before the eyes of the young man Mimmo that he couldn't do anything, but this still implicates him in the crime.

The death of Don Salvatore Ricci, who killed him?

The turning point comes when Edoardo, interpreted by Matthew Paulillo, decides to take the definitive step. With a gesture as bold as it is desperate, Edoardo enters the hospital room where he is hospitalized Don Salvatore and, in a moment of pure tension, smothers him with a pillow.

Edoardo Conte and Salvatore Ricci

The brutal act doesn't just lift moral issues but it risks completely derailing the life of Edward, who had promised to leave behind the dark world from which he came.

The death of Don Salvatore Ricci It thus becomes a key moment that rekindles old rivalries and promises new conflicts, keeping viewers glued to the screen, eager to find out how the story will evolve.

Did Edward die in Sea Outside 4?

During the second part of the fourth season of Mare Fuori, Edoardo he chooses to redeem himself together with Teresa. His decision, however, falters shortly after returning to Carmela and her underworld.

The young Count searches for the hidden money of the Ricci, a treasure that is believed to change the fate of his life. She heads towards the Ciro Ricci's tomb, where it is believed to be a heritage site.


Got down in the crypt to recover the treasure, Edoardo he is hit violently on the head by one shovel, a gesture that portends a tragic epilogue. While the blood flows copiously and the crypt closes, the scene becomes tinged with mystery e drama, leaving the fate of Edoardo hanging by a thread.

His eventual death is not confirmed with certainty, but the brutal attack and the desperate circumstances in which he finds himself suggest a possibility goodbye to the character, thus marking a turning point in the history of Mare Fuori.

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