GF Vip 7, Nikita Pelizon talks about himself after the final "I'm happy."

Nikita Pelizon

Nikita Pelizon, three days before the final of the GF Vip 7, he talks about himself in an interview with an open heart. The best moment? When he saw Luca Onestini enter the house. His biggest win? “No doubt my family, he has accepted me as I am.”

His victory was not so obvious, but in the end Nikita Pelizon, after experiencing difficult months within the home of the GF Vip 7, on Monday she was able to rejoice and celebrate the excellent result in the televoting, which made her win the seventh edition of Big Brother Vip. And, three days after the victory, she told herself in a 'exclusive interview with the weekly Chi where, among other things, he admitted:

“What I have missed the most is nature, sunsets, my grandchildren, Zen music to sleep in, the freedom to do what I wished for, affection.”

The path to the GF Vip 7as well as putting it to the test, brought her closer to the family, who, thanks to the reality show, accepted her job and, at all times, made her feel her support:

“Going my own way once again, I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of being understood by my parents and reuniting the whole family. Thanks to the Gfvip my parents accepted my job they supported me, they saw me in all my facets, it was a family revolution."

Nikita Pelizon, the best moments and the worst moments of the GF Vip 7

Talking about the best moments and the worst moments experienced during the Big Brother, Nikita Pelizon he said that, without a doubt, the best moment was when Luca Onestini has entered the most spied on house in Italy:

“Yes, Luca Onestini is both my best memory and the person who made me suffer the most. There was a lot of complicity, play: before him the situation at home was a lagoon, then I found the ocean. the worst thing was when we no longer understood each other, I felt the House come against me and doubt me. I think there was a lot of misunderstanding, I was getting him interested, but I didn't see clarity, he kept talking to me about friendship with behaviors that weren't like a friend."

As regards the after GF Vip 7, the model from Trieste hopes that this experience, and her victory, can help her make her dreams come true:

“I would like you to help me with my art, music and motivational projects. I will donate half of the winner's prize to associations that deal with the environment."

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