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Big Brother

Big Brother has revolutionized the Italian television landscape, capturing viewers with extraordinary magnetism. This media giant has established itself with a dynamic and innovative formula, expertly mixing well-known personalities and new promises in the famous TV teams. VIP and NIP.

The arrival of Mirko Brunetti it profoundly shook the context. The entrance of Pearl, already famous for their experiences in Temptation island, left an indelible mark. Recently, we witnessed the retirement of Alex Schwazer from the house for personal reasons and at the entrance of Greta, creating an intriguing triangle with Mirko and Pearl.

Here the list of all competitors:

New entries:

Competitors eliminated:

FIORDALISO – VIP (retired)

FIORDALISO, a renowned singer, lands in #GF's house, ready to experience new emotions. The evening sees Alfonso Signorini present her as a self-affirming icon, who has profoundly marked the Italian musical panorama.

Her artistic roots they are rooted in childhood, positively influenced by a father who encouraged her to continually improve. Her life, a mix of musical successes and intense personal experiences, such as early motherhood, has led her to become a complete woman, mother and grandmother, who now aspires to find a pinch of lightheartedness within Big Brother.

Walking with emotion on the catwalk, FIORDALISO she admits that she feels like a young girl, with her heart beating with enthusiasm. Her entry into her house marks the beginning of a new adventure, with the current tenants welcoming her by singing together her great hit "I don't want the moon".

Arnold Cardaropoli – PIN (deleted)

On the lively stage of Big Brother, Arnold Cardaropoli represents a fresh presence, ready to immerse yourself in a new adventure full of emotions. TO 21 years old, the young man from Reggio Emilia is ready to reveal to the public a moving and deeply human personal story.

Adopted from a family Bell, Arnold he has built a life enriched by family affection and the arrival of an adored little sister. Her growth was marked by a fervent search for independence, taking on various jobs, including a period in the funeral sector.

On the brink of a new chapter in his life, he expresses a deep affection for his family, tenderly anticipating an emotional reaction from his mother. Unexpectedly, mother Pina emerges from backstage for a touching farewell, marking the emotional beginning of Arnold to #GF. Let's remember that the boy is already a lot famous on social media, in fact, he makes ironic videos that fight racism and push inclusion.

Valentina Modini – NIP: eliminated

The evening at Big Brother welcomes new entries: tonight it's the turn of Valentina, a young Piedmontese woman who works in a press office, to enrich the colorful array of inhabitants of the most observed house in Italy.

Identifying themselves as “Lady Fajiana”, reveals the genesis of his singular pseudonym: “I am a pheasant and I have no equal”, he declares, emphasizing his uniqueness and the deep bond with his family, reserving words of unconditional affection for his mother, defined as “the most beautiful in the world."

Anxious to inaugurate this new phase of her life, Valentina heads to the red carpet. But before proceeding, she is surprised by a warm message from her family, broadcast directly from their pizzeria.

The grandfather of Valentina he describes her as a “volcano in full swing”, praising her determination and the realization of her big dream. He also underlines his satisfaction with the goal achieved by Valentina.

Finally, with determination and lively spirit, Lady Fajiana crosses the famous Red Door. Will his vitality instill a new wave of joy within the House?

Cyrus Petrone – VIP (retired)

He makes his entrance from the vibrant city of Naples Cyrus Petrone, a 35-year-old actor celebrated for his character “Little Pea” in the famous film Gomorrah. As well as famous for his escape from his girlfriend on Temptation Island.

In the presentation video, Cyrus reveals the salient aspects of his existence, his professional path, his passion for football and his intense relationship with Federica. A seven-year connection, currently put to the test by arduous circumstances, as he himself confesses Cyrus, while maintaining an unshakable faith in their love.

Past the Red Door, Cyrus he meets Rosy and, with a light joke, exclaims: "Serve me something to eat, I seem too thin", then proposing a captivating culinary challenge: "In exchange for every delight you prepare, I will teach you some expressions in Neapolitan".

Under this new alliance, Rosy and Cyrus they begin to explore the Hovel, ready to embark on new adventures and get to know the other competitors.

Heidi Kisses – NIP: deleted

Heidi, a 25-year-old originally from Pescara, brings with her an Albanian heritage: “My parents built their destiny from scratch,” she reveals during her introductory video.

Your professional field? Operator in the nautical sector, and in introducing herself, Heidi highlights the inherent challenges of being a woman in the publishing world. Her battles, however, are not limited to the work sphere, also extending to her emotional life. Currently single, she displays a quiet confidence in the future ahead of her.

She brings with her a fierce and determined personality, declaring: “I've always had this fighting spirit since I was little, but I've had to perfect it over the years.” She will be Heidi, this energetic figure, to give us surprising moments? It's up to us to find out.

Claudio Rome – PIN: eliminated

The latest protagonist to make his debut in the house of Big Brother è Claudio Rome, thus closing the circle of new entries. With 34 years behind him and originally from the vibrant Romagna Riviera, Claudio he is an entrepreneur who boasts a degree in Veterinary Medicine. His life, however, has not been without obstacles: in his youth he took a tortuous path, marked by significant errors, a narrative that unfolds in his presentation clip.

Today, after having straightened out the course of his existence and made his family proud, he describes himself as a man who deeply loves women, far from the archetype of Don Giovanni. This experience in Big Brother it represents for him a chance to reveal his personal metamorphosis, an opportunity to demonstrate that it is possible to redeem oneself and change one's path, even when one is deviated. With the entry of Claudio, the house is ready to embrace a new phase of the television adventure, welcoming its renewed spirit and energy in this new stage of the adventure.

Il competitor was eliminated during the episode of 25 September 2023.

Alex Schwazer – VIP (retired)

Another notable name is theathlete e Olympic gold medalist Alex Schwazer. The participation of him was confirmed from the @tvblog.it portal. As ex competitor of “Beijing Express” e champion of the 2008 Olympics, Alex adds a sporty charm to the mix.

Beatrice Luzzi –VIP

Beatrice Luzzi she is a known one attrice e blogger Roman born November 14, 1970. Characterized by blue eyes and red hair, she studied in Rome, where she obtained a diploma and later a degree in politics.

Many remember her for her role in "Vivere" on Canale 5, but she also took part in TV series such as "Don Matteo", "I Cesaroni", "L'allieva" and others.

Besides acting, Beatrice he also worked behind the scenes as presenter and has offered consultancy in the world of communication. You have also collaborated with the TV program “L'Eredità”.

Greece Colmenares –VIP

THEVenezuelan actress Greece Colmenares entered the house of the Big Brother and is already known for her appearance in “The Island of the Famous“, Greece will surely have a solid following.

Maximilian Varrese –VIP

Maximilian Varrese it was noted how interpret in various sectors: TV, big screen and stage. She shined in Friends Celebrities 2019 di Maria DeFilippi, airing between September and October. Not only actor, but also musician and dancer, trod the stage for the first time in 1999 in the musical "everyone is better than me". The general public remembers him above all for the fictions "Carabinieri"and "Spin Off Undercover".

In 2006, Varrese conquered the Gassman Award as a promise of the theatre, thanks to “Three meters above the sky”. Some of his works include Il bello delle donne, La Sacra Famiglia and Camera Caffè. In the cinema, he has distinguished himself in films such as "Alice" (2010), "The youngest son" (2010), and "Fire on me" and "Maximum speed" of the years 2005 and 2002.

Samira Lui  – VIP: eliminated

Samira Lui, former teacher of "The Legacy" and recent protagonist of "Tale e Which Show", is now among the celebrities neighbor Big Brother.

Samira he began his adventure in the entertainment scene at a very young age, participating in various resonant events. She shined in Miss Italy 2017 obtaining the titles of Miss Friuli Venezia Giulia e Miss Chef 2017. Not only that, she made herself noticed by placing third in the national stage, thus inaugurating her adventure in the world of modeling.

His big break comes when he joins the team of “The legacy” on Rai 1, presented by Flavio Insinna, assuming the role of Professor alongside Andrea Cerelli. Her talent also led her to be in the cast of Such and Which 2022 presented by Carlo Conti, and now enthusiastically enters the cast of Big Brother 2023/2024 led by Alfonso Singorini.

Giselda Torresan – NIP: eliminated

Giselda Torresan, an employee rooted in Treviso, emerges as a recognized face in the social media universe, boasting a very popular Instagram account, we are talking about a profile that exceeds 100.000 followers. She stands out mainly in the industry outdoor and mountains, conquering a prominent position in the influencer panorama.

Its impact has not gone unnoticed in the media landscape, obtaining a well-known interview with the newspaper "Il Messaggero". This trajectory gives it a place of considerable interest in the selection of participants for the new edition of Big Brother, promising an unprecedented amalgam of authenticity and notoriety.

Victor Menozzi – NIP

A brilliant engineer from Parma, he adds a fresh professional nuance to the television schedule. After obtaining an academic qualification in Management engineering and industrial managementMenozzi doesn't come across as an outsider in the show business firmament.

Previously, he has formed partnerships such as model with prestigious brands such as Dolce and Gabbana and Missoni. Currently having around 6.000 followers on the Instagram platform, Menozzi manifests himself as an eclectic figure, ready to contribute a sophisticated balance of skill and magnetism to the residence of the Big Brother.

Letizia Petris – NIP

It also stands out in the list of alleged participants Letizia Petris, an established 24-year-old photographer with roots in Riccione. After obtaining a bachelor's degree in digital communication, Petris is gaining traction on the social media circuit, she currently has around 15.000 followers on Instagram.

Angelica Baraldi – NIP (deleted)

Angelica Baraldi, aged 26, plays the role of account Manager in Modena, with an academic background in international marketing. He is currently part of the team of a prestigious company IT company, specialized as a software house. Not limiting herself to the professional sphere, Angelica has a keen passion for sport, showing an eclectic interest in different disciplines.

Coming from a complicated family background, he made the courageous decision to distance himself, pursuing what he believed was the best path for his future. Unfortunately, this choice caused a definitive separation with his father.

In the sentimental panorama, she shares a happy relationship with Riccardo. Her beauty and charisma allowed her to reach the final stage Miss World Italy. However, Angelica opted to withdraw from the competition, focusing fully on her university commitments and consolidating her professional career.

Anita Olivieri – NIP

Born on 25 May 1997 a Roma, this young woman, currently 27 years old, joins the cast of GF with the determination to dismantle the label of “silly blonde” which accompanied her throughout her life. With a notable academic career behind her, she boasts three qualifications: a course of three-year degreea master's degree it's a master. Although she does not have a romantic relationship, she finds companionship and affection in his cat, with whom he shares his home. Her childhood was shaped by figures maternal e nonna, two constant and reassuring presences. In a bold move, he abandoned his position manager, pursuing a personal path towards freedom.

Giuseppe Garibaldi – NIP

From Santa Cristina d'Aspromonte, located in the province of Reggio Calabria, Giuseppe Garibaldi plays the role of school assistant. Before settling in Piacenza, in Emilia Romagna, practiced his profession in Veneto. “I carry out a job that I respect a lot and that satisfies me, always having an excellent relationship with both the students and the teaching staff”, states the new participant of the Big Brother.

Lorenzo Remotti – PIN: eliminated

Lorenzo Remotti, 37 years old, works as a shoemaker, one of the oldest arts in the world, as he himself underlines shortly before entering the House. “At first, there was no shortage of jokes about me, but I wear this apron with a great feeling of pride,” he confesses.

His wife runs the shop Mariella, with whom he shares the joy of having a son, named Dante Alighieri.

Marco Fortunati – PIN: eliminated

the 31 year old originally from Bologna boasts a multifaceted career as ski instructor, kitesurfing instructor e taxi driver. He currently shares his life with Francesca, the girlfriend with whom he experienced ups and downs, including some deviations from the righteous path, which he was unable to keep secret. Now he is ready to launch into a new adventure, bringing with him a strong competitive spirit: "I am extremely competitive", he admits without hesitation.

Paolo Masella – NIP

Paolo Masella, a 25 year old young man originally from Roma, carries out the profession of butcher. She is currently single and describes her daily routine as starting at 5am, working six days a week. “I have never dedicated time to Big Brother, nor am I in the habit of watching television,” she reveals.

Raised mainly with his mother, due to his parents' divorce, Paolo is not particularly active in his family social media, preferring to immerse themselves in the melodies of music of the 90s. Despite this, she has a great passion for solo travel and plans to explore all of them seven wonders of the world.

Rosy Chin

Rosy Chin, a 38 year old woman, plays the roles of Head e entrepreneur.

She leads a renowned establishment specializing in fusion cuisine located in Milano. His Italian roots are intertwined with a deep passion for cooking, inherited from his father, also a chef and owner of a Chinese restaurant in the same city.

His training began in Hotel School, where he developed an interest in fusion cuisine, an approach that blends Eastern and Western culinary traditions.

In personal life, Rosy shares a marriage with Paul La Quota, who in addition to being her husband, is also her colleague in the kitchen. Together, they welcomed three children.

Mirko Brunetti

The 2023 edition of Temptation Island brought several couples into the spotlight, including Mirko Brunetti e Pearl Vatiero. Mirko is a 26 year old from Rieti who manages the family pizzeria Anatham. He entered the Big Brother house during the episode of October 16, 2023. His romantic journey with Perla it lasted five years, culminating in a confrontation bonfire during which the couple has officially separated. Mirko subsequently took up a new relationship with Greta, also symbolized by a couple tattoo. Despite his young age, Mirko is a multidimensional character, from the entrepreneurial impulse to emotional depth. The couple has chosen to keep Instagram profiles private, which reflects a certain confidentiality in their public life. Mirko can be found on Instagram as @mirkobrunetti_.

Giampiero Mughini: withdrawn

In the episode of 16 October of the popular reality show Big Brother, a new competitor has been introduced that already has an established media following: Giampiero Mughini. Born in Catania on 16 April 1941, Mughini is a prominent figure in the journalistic panorama and Italian culture. After obtaining a degree in Modern Languages ​​and Literatures from La Sapienza University of Rome, he began his journalistic career in 1970, collaborating with various important newspapers such as L'Europeo, Panorama and Il Foglio. In addition to his journalistic activity, Mughini has also made forays into the world of cinema, working in films directed by Nanni Moretti such as Ecce Bombo (1978) and Sogni d'Oro (1981). On the personal front, he has been married to Michela Pandolfi since 1985, and the couple has no children.

Jill Cooper: NIP (deleted)

Jill Cooper, fitness icon and successful writer, has her roots in Wichita, Kansas, USA, but now lives her Roman life alongside Alessandro Carbone. She conquered the world of TV in 2001, emerging as a fitness star and personal trainer on the hottest shows.

His involvement in Big Brother he is legendary, not only as a trainer but also as a recent competitor, bringing a breath of energy and expertise to the world of the show. A bestselling health and fitness author, Jill has established herself as a key figure in the industry, leading a large and loyal audience with her books and charisma.

Pearl Vatiero

Pearl Vatiero

Pearl Vatiero, a leading figure in Temptation Island 2023, faced reality TV alongside her longtime partner, Mirko Brunetti. After five years of relationship, their story encounters an insurmountable obstacle: Mirko chooses to leave Perla for the temptress Greta Rossetti. This caused a lot of hype in the world of TV and the web, his entry into the GF therefore sparked a lot of curiosity as well as, obviously, creating disagreements between Mirko and Greta.

Pearl was born and raised in Angri, Perla graduated in motor sciences and he has two great loves in life: sports e fashion. Fashion, in particular, is not only a passion, but also his career: he has launched his own brand clothing, turning a dream into reality.

Rosanna Brother

Rosanna Brother

Rosanna is a very successful Italian singer in the 70s and 80s. She was welcomed into the House by the contestant Mirko Brunetti, with whom he shared a moment of music and memories.

Greta Rossetti

Greta on Big Brother

Greta is the ex-girlfriend of Mirko Brunetti. His entry was at the center of a little thriller: it was announced first as a new contestant, she was then eliminated by Mirko, but eventually rejoined the game.

Simona Cuts

Simona Cuts

Simona Cuts, former showgirl and television presenter from Milan, is famous for his talent and his charismatic presence in Italian entertainment. Her career, which started from dance and moved on to fashion and finally to TV with '90s hits like “Drive In”, made her a face loved by the public. Mother of Georgia, the result of her marriage to Stefano Ambrosoli, Simona continues to be an influential figure, now attracting her attention with her participation in Big Brother, where she promises to bring her experience and distinctive personality.

Alessio Falsone

Alessio Falsone

Alessio Falsone, 31 years old, from Milan, is an entrepreneur in the restaurant sector and director of a sports association. A former footballer, he boasts a degree from the Iulm University of Milan. His love life attracted attention for his relationship with Carolina Stramare, former Miss Italy. Today, Alessio enters the Big Brother house, bringing with him an interesting professional and personal background, ready to reveal new facets of his character and his life in front of the cameras 24 hours a day.

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