Who is Grecia Colmenares from Big Brother 2023

Greece Colmenares of Big Brother 2023

In the universe of telenovelas many personalities have emerged, but few have shone with the light of Greece Colmenares. She recently returned to television, this time in Italy, to be part of the new chapter of “Big Brother” 2023/24. But who he really is Greece Colmenares? Let's find out together the details of a colorful career and an equally eventful personal life.

Grecia Colmenares career and TV shows

Greece Colmenares, born Grecia Dolores Colmenares Mieussens, began her artistic career very young, landing her first role at the age of 9. Her innate talent caught the attention of television producers, launching her into a series of successful projects in the '80s and '90s. From the first steps in the manufacturing industry telenovelas Venezuelan, such as “Angélica” and “Rosalinda”, apiaries has conquered the world television scene, culminating in the celebration of the “Day of Greece Colmenares” in Miami. After a pause, theattrice returns to the spotlight as a contestant oneighth edition of “Big Brother”.

Private life of Grecia Colmenares of Big Brother

In addition to his brilliant television career, the private life of tracksuit it was marked by moments of joy and difficult trials. Her marital experience includes two unions, the second of which gave birth to her only child, Gianfranco, in 1992. Despite some personal challenges, including dangerous situations experienced on set, apiaries he continues to dedicate himself to social causes, openly expressing his opinions on political issues in his home country.

How old is he and what is his sign Grecia Colmenares del GF

Born December 7, 1962 in Valencia, Venezuela, Greece Colmenares will celebrate his 61st birthday this year. Actress endowed with a spectacular career, apiaries He is of the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, a sign known for his adventurous and generous spirit, characteristics that seem to perfectly reflect his lively personality and his life path.

Children and husband of Grecia Colmenares

Greece Colmenares he had an eventful and significant love life. Her first marriage, at just 17 years old, was toactor Venezuelan Henry Zakka. After the end of this union, she married the entrepreneur Marcelo Pelegri, with whom she had her son Gianfranco in 1992. This relationship lasted until 2005. Currently, apiaries enjoys the company of his partner, theactor Spaniard Chando Erik Luna, who resides in Switzerland.

Grecia Colmenares del GF on Instagram

In the digital world, Greece Colmenares gets noticed through his official Instagram profile (@greciacolmenares7), where he shares significant moments of his life with the general public. Between posts dedicated to important sporting events, well-known personalities and his commitment to gymnastics, tracksuit he does not fail to express his profound religious convictions, sharing moments of reflection and Christian joy with his followers.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: instagram profile @greciacolmenares7
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