Verissimo, guests and interviews on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April 2024

Silvia Toffanin Very true

Weekend time and, as usual, time for two new episodes of Verissimo full of exciting interviews and excellent guests. Also today, Saturday 6 April, and tomorrow, Sunday 7 April 2024In fact, breathtaking interviews await us which, you can bet, will keep us glued to the TV screen. The appointment is starting at 16pm on Canale 30, both today and tomorrow. But let's find out together what awaits us!

Very true, the guests of Saturday 6 April 2024

We'll start off with a bang, Saturday 6 April 2024, with an episode of Verissimo very rich and dedicated almost entirely to the world of reality TV. On the occasion of the now imminent debut of the new edition of The Island of the Famous, Silvia Toffanin will host the presenter Vladimir Luxuria together with those who will be the commentators who will accompany him on this long journey, that is Sonia Bruganelli and Dario Maltese.

In the studio, for interesting revelations about their life path and more, two of the castaways who will take part in this edition will also arrive. We are talking about the dancer Samuel Peron and the ex porn actress Selen (whose real name is Luce Caponegro).

Directly from Amici di Maria De Filippi the last eliminated from the evening will arrive, that is Nicholas and John. The two dancers will have a lot to talk about between their experience at the most popular talent show on TV and their interesting plans for the future which looks very tempting indeed.

A few days after the debut of another reality show, the Babe and the Nerd, will also arrive in the studio Enrico Papi who will talk about this new experience on air from next April 10th on Italia Uno. He will also be there to accompany him young daughter, Rebecca. What will they reveal to us?

Always Saturday, Verissimo will give space to Mauro Corona which will open in a 360 degree interview in which he will talk about his life on different fronts sharing this experience, for the first time, with his daughter Marianna.

Silvia Toffanin's guests on Sunday 7 April 2024

Based on previews, also Sunday's episode of Verissimo it promises to be full of unique emotions. To catalyze the public's attention will be, first of all, one of the major icons of Italian music in the world, that is Ornella Vanoni. A heart-pounding interview awaits her. Still on the musical theme, space for Michele Bravi who will talk about his experience as a judge on Amici but not only: what he will say about his new album “What do you see when you close your eyes” coming out soon?

Directly from Bitter land, the most ruthless will arrive Hasmet Colak, interpreted by Altan Gördüm. And what about the interview with the very nice girl Tina Cipollati? The commentator of Men and women will compete with Silvia Toffanin together with her sister, Annarita.

Space, therefore, for a story that has moved the whole of Italy, that of Giulia Cecchettin, killed by her ex-boyfriend Filippo Turetta. It will arrive in Verissimo's studios Gino Cecchetin, poor Giulia's father, bearer of a battle against violence against women in the name of my beloved daughter. It will certainly be exciting also talking about the book "Dear Giulia" published a few days ago and dedicated to the life of a pure, simple and joyful girl like Giulia.

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