Who is Enrico Papi dell'Isola, bio, career and private life

Who is Enrico Papi

The name of Enrico Papi has been appearing for many years on Italian television. We are in fact talking about a well-known television host who has also hosted numerous very famous and appreciated programs. Currently he is one of the commentators de The Island of the Famous next to Vladimir Luxuria.

Let's find out some details about him.

Enrico Papi, the biography

The nice Enrico Papi is class 1965 and was born on June 3 in Rome. We don't have much information about his background, but we do know that he comes from a family wealthy and that he has a younger sister named loretta.

His father Samuele was an important car dealer, while his mother Luciana was a landowner.

What Enrico Papi studied

As we have just said, Enrico Papi's family of origin is wealthy and for this reason the parents have ensured an excellent career for their children school. In fact, the television presenter enrolls and attends the Iasallian Catholic primary schools and subsequently the Liceo Classico at the Sant'Apollinare institute in the capital where he will obtain the diploma.

Afterwards, continue with the University and start attending courses Giurisprudenza. At some point, however, he decides to stop and will end this path thanks to Cepu, of which he will also become the testimonial, from 2000 to 2003.
Beyond that, Papi she also studied piano and singing and this will allow him to get closer and closer to his true passion: the world of entertainment.

Work and career

La career by Enrico Papi is very rich and boasts great experience in television. He made his debut as a cabaret artist and comedian in sports halls when Giancarlo Magalli noticed him and wanted him in one of his Rai programs in 1988. In all these years of work, the role that made him better known to the public is that of conduttore of the music program Sarabande.

Here, in addition to demonstrating great skills and knowledge in the field musical, will have the opportunity to make himself known also for his sympathy and lightness. From now on, it will be a success behind the other. In fact, we can recall the conduct of Freshmen&Meteors, The Pupa and the Nerdy, Transformer e The wheel of fortune.

Later there was one stop quite long in which Enrico seemed to have definitively abandoned the world of television and entertainment. Even today we do not know what was the truth reason, but then decides to resume and will be at the helm of Guess My Age, the program in which the contestants have to guess the ages of some guests and which was broadcast on Tv8.

In 2021 he was then tasked with acting as helmsman to one of the funniest and most loved programs of the public, namely Jokes aside. Currently it is the columnist of the reality show The Island of the Famous next to Vladimir Luxuria.

Enrico Papi as commentator of L'Isola dei Famosi and the departure from Blasi

The character of Enrico Papi is much loved by the public, but he is also very much ambiguous. Let's clarify better. Every time he appears on television he stays there for a more or less long period, but immediately after he disappears so much that many think he says goodbye to the scenes. This is what happened this time too. After a long absence from the small screen, he returned to channel 5 as a columnist.

The fact is that whenever this happens, the reasons are unknown. These days however, he has found himself at the center of some controversy and criticism, so much so that gossip sites have spoken of an immediate departure from reality TV. Basically, the conductor is playing a "bench" role and we are certainly not used to it. Surely he too, because not only Blasi but also the Mediaset leaders would have accused him of insubordination.

Gesture that would have infuriated not only the hostess, but also the top management of the network so much that we would be talking about replacement of the columnist. The public is divided in half: on the one hand there are his fans who couldn't wait for a return and who think this is his way of doing, while on the other there are those who hope for a return of Nicola Savino. Anyway, we will find out soon if it's rumors or reality.

Private life of Enrico Papi

With regard to the vita privata We don't have much information about Enrico Papi as the artist is somewhat reserved. In fact, he doesn't like to publicize personal matters about him, but we know who he is married since 1998 with his historic partner Raffaella Schifino.

The wedding took place in Rome, but then the couple she moved to Miami. Together, they had two children: in 2000 the eldest Rebecca was born and eight years later the boy, Iacopo.

Curiosity about Enrico Papi

We have just summarized everything we know about Enrico Papi, but there are a few curiosity interesting that perhaps not everyone knows.

Here's what it is.

  • He collaborated with a television icon like Simona Ventura in the Meteore program;
  • He was a co-conductor of the Sanremo Festival in 2001 together with the late Raffaella Carrò;
  • His career has spanned television, radio, music and film;
  • He has dubbed some films;
  • He has a dog, a French bulldog, named Tanker;
  • He has a double residence: one in Italy and one in Miami;
  • She confided that she has received advances from some famous men.

Social profiles of Enrico Papi

Enrico Papi is a character from the entertainment world who loves to share his moments on social. Below are the direct links to his official profiles.

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