Who is the nice Nicola Savino: bio, career and curiosities

Who is Nicola Savino

Nicola Savino we know him mainly for two very important roles he has held. We are talking about a radio and television host.
But it's not just this. Let's find out something about him together.

Nicola Savino, the biography

Born on November 14, 1967 in Lucca, Nicola Savino grew up mainly in Milan. His mother was originally from Cosenza and was a pharmacist, while his father grew up in Foggia. Ever since he was just a child, Nicola had only one passioni.e. music. He owes this strong love to his father who every time he went around the world for work, brought home a new radio.

In those days he lit them all with the hope of hearing his father's voice until one day he realizes that what he wants to do when he grows up is work in the radio. He fulfills this dream already at the age of 16. We don't have much information about his childhood and adolescence, except for one anecdote which he said himself.

When he was only seven months old he was hospitalized in hospital due to a significant drop in weight and during a drip change by the nurse, the latter in cutting the gauze also cut a ditto.

Work and career

As we said above, Nicola has always had a strong passion for music and more precisely for the radio. In fact, when he was a kid he dreamed of becoming a radio broadcaster. In 1984, at the age of just 16, he landed in a local radio called Sandonato Radio and it is thanks to this experience that his career begins.

From 1984 to 1989 he therefore proposed himself as speaker in some networks, but it will be in '89 that he will be able to reach Radio Deejay where he will be in charge of W Radio Deejay which at that time was led by Marco Baldini e Fiorello. A little later we will find it in direction of the program Baldini loves Laurenti with Amadeus, Luca Laurenti and Baldini.

In 1995 he moved to Capital Radio, but the following year he returns to Radio Deejay where he will be Linus' right arm in which he addresses him as a "man on the street". These projects in which Nicola takes part allow him to obtain an excellent result consent by the public and by the leaders of the radios, so much so that in a short time he became one of the station's fixed voices.

The transition to television

As we said a little above, Nicola Savino was born as a radio speaker, but within a few years he also managed to land in television. She begins in 1996 until 2004 to work as author of the well-known music program festival bar and from 1998 to 2002 he deals with one of the very popular formats in the Italian panorama, namely Reservoir Dogs. But not only.

Indeed, too Zelig e Zelig Circus they see his signature as author and we can not fail to mention the collaboration a Those who… football with Simona Ventura. In 2004 however, she is at the helm of flan, is one of the main protagonists of Sky Cine News and of a sitcom entitled An armchair for two, next to Alessia Ventura.

Over the years it manages to establish itself more and more and we will also see it in programs much more famous and trendy, such as for example Freshmen & Meteors, The Island of the Famous, Evening, Slag, Reservoir Dogs e Balalaika – From Russia with the ball. From September 2022, leaves Mediaset to land on Tv8 where he leads a program of his own entitled 100% Italy, where the protagonists are two pairs of competitors who compete to guess the outcome of various surveys conducted on a number of Italian people.

The little experience at the cinema

As we can well see, the career by Nicola Savino is quite full of satisfactions and successes. But he doesn't end it all on television and radio because he manages to reach the big screen as well. In fact, we will find him again as a actor in movies I trust you e Matrimonial agent and how dubber in Peter Rabbit, Zootropolis e Happy Feet 2.

Private life

Despite Nicola Savino's fame and popularity, we don't have much information about his vita privata. However, we know that he has a failed marriage behind him with a girl whose identity we do not know. The wedding took place when he was only 24 years old, but after a few years they divorced.

In 2009 however, he marries Emanuela Suma after 10 years of relationship and with a daughter, Matilde. We have never heard of them and they can be defined as one of the longest-lived and most reserved couples on television.

Curiosity about Nicola Savino

Nicola Savino is an Italian television and radio host, author and actor, but despite being very popular and enjoying great success, he does not like to be talked about. However, what we have told you is what we know about him, but there are some details that not everyone knows.

  • In 1993 he founded a band together with Marco Biondi and they released a few singles, six to be precise, and an album;
  • When the nurse cut off his finger, they immediately tried to reattach it, but to no avail. Early in his career she used a fake limb;
  • He is a great enthusiast and fan of Inter;
  • He loves cycling.

Social profiles of Nicola Savino

The likeable Nicola Savino is a face present in Italian television and it cannot be hidden that he is greatly appreciated by the public also for his sympathy. Despite all the roles he has held on the small screen and on radio, he is also very active in the social. Here are the direct links to his official profiles.

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