Amadeus: biography, career, Sanremo and curiosities about the king of early evenings

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Amadeus he needs no introduction because his name says it all, in fact, he is one of the main faces of Italian television. His career she is noteworthy and her resume boasts of enormous successes. But what do we know about him? Let's get to know him better.

Origins and real name of Amadeus 

The famous conductor Amadeus to the registry office he is registered as Amedeo Umberto Rita Sebastiani and was born in 1962. He was born precisely on September 4 in Ravenna under the sign of the Virgin.  

Her Parents, Corrado and Antonella Sebastiani, are originally from Palermo but when Amedeo was only a small child yes they transfer in Verona for father's work matters.  


Amadeus, having completed his middle school studies, decides to enroll at the institute for surveyors where he will obtain the diploma. However, although he appears to have been a model student, he decides not to pursue his career university studies.  

Il reason it's very simple: he wanted to pursue his greatest dream, namely that of music, also obtaining a decent one success initial.  

Hobbies and early work of the conductor  

Amadeus' father, Corrado, worked with the horses and he was a knight and for this reason the little one of the house is influenced by this activity. He therefore develops a great passion for horse riding and learns to ride when he is only 7 years old. The parent also becomes an instructor and will take care of the training of the son.  

As we said above. Amadeus finishes high school and immediately starts a work in discos and bars as a disc jockey. He will have to interrupt a year when he will lend post-sales service military in San Giorgio a Cremano.  

Work and career

La career by Amadeus is incredible and begins in some local radio and then flows into television and now on the stage of the most famous singing competition in Italy, Sanremo. Needless to say how far he's come since he started, but let's go over his work history.  

From radio to television  

As we mentioned above, Amadeus starts working as Disc jockey to then land somewhere radio local of his city and we refer to Radio Verona. Subsequently, from 1984 to 1986, he worked at Radio Blue and it is precisely in this period that he records a small demo and sends it to Claudio Cecchetto.  

The latter, understood the talent that he had in front of him, he decides to enlist him to Radio Deejay and his debut will take place in 1986. He will remain there until 1994 and will see the growth of the radio itself before his eyes. In fact, from local it will become national.  

The turning point came in 1988 as he was offered works in television. Indeed, we will see it a 1, 2, 3 Jovanotti broadcast on Italia1 and always on the same network also a Deejay Beach e Deejay Television.  

In 1993 Vittorio Salvietti entrusted him with the conduction of the legendary Festivalbar and next to him we will also find Federica Panicucci, Fiorello and Claudio Cecchetto. In that year the program was a huge success and they decided to renew them the assignment from 1994 to 1997.  

In 1996 we will also see it engaged a Good Sunday together with Claudio Lippi and Lorella Cuccarini. With the latter he will also lead Dance Champions e Thirty hours for life to then pass next to Simona Ventura in the presentation of Matricule and until Gene Gnocchi a and Alessia Merz a Meteors.  

In 1999 he returned to Rai where he will be at the helm of Class party and how sworn of the Sanremo Festival. That year it was led by Fabio Fazio. In the same year, in September, Amadeus will also arrive in the studios of Sunday In.  

The disagreements with Rai and the arrival at Mediaset  

Amadeus comes defined as the "pre-evening gentleman" since in 2000 he leads Good luck, the show inherited from Carlo Conti and Quiz Show. Success really is resounding.  

In a second step, together with Cecchetto, he idealized and made the program de The legacy which, as we know very well, has been enjoying extraordinary success for many years now.  

For Amadeus it is one season with all the trimmings and we will see him on stage also of Miss Italy in the world, San Remo Summer e Music Farm. However, the huge success of early evening is not enough for promote it in the conducting of prime time programs and in 2006 he was denied the release to conduct the Festivalbar on Italia1.  

At that point the conductor choose to return to Mediaset and to devote himself to the early evening, but unfortunately the success is not the same as he had in Rai. In 2009, finally, Rai returned home after years of courtship by the network.  

The return to Rai 

As soon as he sets foot in the offices of Rai, Amadeus is entrusted with the management of Midday with the family where it will remain for 4 years. When he returns, the public loves him more than before and this is also thanks to Participation a Such and Which Show by Carlo Conti, where he will finish third.  

in 2014 leads Chain reaction and success will bring him and the program to prime time. Since 2017 he arrives with I soliti ignoti.  

Success in Sanremo, from 2020 to 2022  

In August 2019, news will excite all his fans: Amadeus was choice to conduct and as artistic director of the most famous singing competition in Italy, the Sanremo Festival. From 4 to 8 February 2020 he will lead the singing festival and that edition is defined as the most view since 1999.  

Let's move on to the following year when in a live on Instagram, Amadeus together with Fiorello, announce the conduction of the 2021 edition. And it is precisely in this period that the conductor puts all his skills into practice. Idealize the format AmaSanremo which establishes the competitors who will compete in Sanremo Giovani.  

The new edition. Who are the singers in the running for 2023  

On December 16, 2022, Amadeus with Gianni Morandi next to him, they discovered who the six are competitors who will appear on the Ariston stage in February 2023. The episode was opened by recalling the great Sinisa Mihajovic, who disappeared the day before after a bad illness, to then continue celebrating.  

A exceed this last phase were Will, gIANMARIA, Olly, the Colla Zios, Sethu and Shari. Together with them we will also find the Big which are: Giorgia, Article 31, Elodie, Colapesce Di Martino, Ariete, Modà, Mara Sattei, Leo Gassmann, Country cousins, Mr. Rain, Marco Mengoni and Anna Oxa.  

And then again Lazza, Tananai, Paola and Chiara, LDA, Madame, Gianluca Grignani, Rosa Chemical, Coma Cose, Levante and Ultimo.  

Private life 

With regard to the life private of Amadeus we know that he had two important stories: the first with Marisa De Martino and the second with Giovanna Civitillo. Here are the details.  

The first marriage with Marisa Di Martino and the birth of Alice

Amadeus' first great love was Marisa Di Martino with whom he got married in 1993. They were married until 2007, the year in which the official divorce arrives. From their union was born his first daughter, Alice with whom the conductor has a wonderful relationship.  

The meeting and marriage with Giovanna Civitillo 

When he was managing the The legacy, Amadeus knows the dancer and showgirl Giovanna Civitillo. You will surely remember her for the Scossa. The two fall in love and when they come out in the open there is no shortage of critical.  

Despite this, the two give birth to their only one son called José Alberto and we are in 2009. Shortly after they get married. Ten years later they renewed their church marriage.

Curiosity about Amadeus

What we have told you so far is all we know about Amadeus, but below we report a few Curiosity.  

  • Amadeus appeared in two films: Laura non c'è by Antonio Bonifacio (1998) and Sunday lunch by Carlo Vanzina (2003); 
  • He's color blind and that's why he always wears white and blue;  
  • In 2020 he appeared in the Coronavirus commercial of the Ministry of Health.  

Amadeus social profiles  

Below we report the link of the channels social yes Amadeus:  

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