Who is Fiorello: family, Sanremo, career as an entertainer and on the radio

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It's impossible not to know the incredible strength he has on stage Fiorello, an Italian impersonator, singer, showman, radio host, comedian, actor, voice actor and stand-up comedian. In short, an all-round artist. Now let's see everything there is to know about him.

Fiorello's origins and family

Fiorello, at the registry office Rosario Tindaro Fiorello, was born in 1960 more precisely on May 16 in Catania. He is the eldest of four siblings, two of whom are as famous as him. Anna is a shopkeeper, Catena is a writer and presenter and finally Giuseppe is an actor.

Suo Pope Nicola was a member of the Guardia di Finanza by profession and was originally from Letojanni, while his mother Rosaria is originally from Giardini Naxos. Due to his father's work, Fiorello spent his first years of life in Riposto where attends kindergarten and the first years of elementary school. He then moved to Augusta where he finished his studies.

Studies and first humble jobs

As for his career scholastic, we know that Fiorello attended the scientific high school where he obtained his diploma, but he never continued with the university. In the early years he worked various jobs a lot humble, including the plumber, bricklayer, carpenter and switchboard operator for a famous funeral home agency in his city.

Fiorello's career

If we think about how Fiorello started in the entertainment world, we can realize how much mess tin and sacrifices he made to get to today's notoriety. Let's retrace his career together starting from work in tourist villages up to the Ariston stage.

The beginning in the tourist villages 

Fiorello's free and very joyful spirit was present since he was a little boy and he always knew he had to enter the world of entertainment. In reality, in 1975, he goes to an employment agency and manages to get hired in one touristic village. Here he starts working in the kitchen managing to climb the entire hierarchical ladder. He starts out as a cook's assistant, then moves on to the job of waiter and barman.

It comes right after one proposal from the very tempting manager. In fact, one evening after the service, Fiorello took the microphone on his own initiative and sang Moonlight Serenade on stage in front of many people. The management then proposes to him to perform in some shows and will also replace sick deejay colleague and friend.

So, despite his family not really agreeing, Fiorello becomes lead animator in the Ivory Coast in the summer and in some ski resorts in the winter.

Pippo Baudo rejects it. Beginning of career in radio

In 1986 Gino Landi remains fascinated from Fiorello in the tourist village of Ostuni and decides to give his name to Pippo Baudo. The latter offers him the opportunity to make a audition for the program Fantastic which took place at the Teatro delle Vittorie in the capital.

Usually auditions take place in 5 minutes, but Fiorello was kept on stage for 50 minutes. After his performance, it was Baudo a discard it because he had deemed him too good, but long and at that moment he didn't need a conductor, a role filled by Pippo himself.

Bernard Cherubini, Jovanotti's brother, had remembered having seen him in a tourist village and decided to contact him to give him a space on Radio Deejay. Despite the various doubts, he accepts and it is precisely here that he knows Amadeus, Gerry Scottic and Marco Baldini who will become his shoulder some time after.

On the radio he began conducting Viva Radio Deejay, broadcast from Riccione in the summer and from Milan in the winter. We will also hear him in 1990 as a correspondent from Sanremo. Unfortunately in this period his father passes away due to a infarct and it is for this reason that he has never willingly participated in the singing karmesse.

The arrival of success: Fiorello arrives at Mediaset

His first television appearance will be on A roundabout overlooking the sea e Sapore di mare, but his scenes come often cut. So he passes to Italia1 in the management of  , but unfortunately the first episode was not successful at all and was suspended. Then, unexpectedly the ratings grow and he becomes its symbol.

In 1993, in the summer, we find it as conduttore of the festival bar alongside Federica Panicucci, Claudio Cecchetto e Amadeus. In 1995 he took part in the Sanremo Festival, despite what had happened to him 5 years earlier and presented himself with the song finally you, managing to position itself in fifth place.

In the following years we will find him at the helm of several programs including Superboll, Freshmen, Buona Domenica, Stasera Pago io and Stasera Pago io 2.

San Remo 2001 and 2002

In 2001 and 2022, Fiorello no longer participates in the Sanremo Festival as a singer, but will be called as guest. The first was conducted by Raffaella Carrà and the second by Pippo Baudo.

Fiorello on Sky

In 2009, in mid-January, there was talk of a possibility appointment of Fiorello on private television Sky and it was the conductor himself who confirmed it. This is how his show called Fiorello Show starts and he has a great success success.

 Flower newsstand and new opportunities

After his experience at Sky, Fiorello returns to Rai and is subsequently offered a program all his on RTL 102.5 and radio tv titled Flower newsstand. Since 2012, given the high number of listeners, the program has also been offered on Sky Uno and Radio Kiss Kiss amplifies the program.

Fiorello at the Sanremo Festival 2020/2021

For Fiorello the Festival of Sanremo it has always been a sore point considering that in 1990 his father had passed away in this period due to a heart attack. He was at that time the envoy of the singing program and for some time he experienced that period badly.

After 26 years, Rosario alias Fiorello returns to Radio Deejay and it is precisely during his debut that he makes a ad which displaces many of the Italians. He will then appear at the 2020 Sanremo Festival, with the conduction Amadeus and in which yes exhibits with nice imitations and improvisations.

The following year, he was reconfirmed as a regular guest and this time the seats of the Ariston audience were completely empty due to the pandemic of Covid 19. It is reconfirmed again for the 2022 edition.

Private life

Fiorello has had a very eventful professional life, but what about his own vita privata we cannot say the same thing. Only one love that has always accompanied him throughout his life.

Marriage and birth of daughter

In 2003, after seven long years of living together, Fiorello got married to Susanna Biondo Marjorie's sister and three years later their first and only daughter was born who they will call Angelica. Olivia also lives with them, the daughter Susanna had with her ex-husband Edoardo Testa. Fiorello has always considered her as her first child, even if she is not biologically.

Problems with drugs

Fiorello, during an interview some time ago, spoke of a very complex period for him. We are in the mid-nineties, when he felt invincible. He was popular, loved and requested by all, he went around with the secretaries and bodyguards. His romances were mostly facades and he had one-night stands.

All of this seemed to represent the perfection and began to make use of cocaine to avoid feeling alone. Well yes, despite everything that revolved around him every day, Fiorello was alone. The drug made him feel powerful and above all that feeling of loneliness was swept away.

Also during the interview he was holding one photo in black and white that portrayed his dad and admitted that it was thanks to him, even though he was gone, that he put that bad experience behind him. In fact, the parent had fought a lot against the traffic of the drug.

Which team does Fiorello support?

The very nice Rosario has never hidden that he is a great fan of Inter.

 The illness 

In 2013 a health problem shows up at his door and he is forced to stay at home for a few days to recover. He had been diagnosed with bad hernia. Luckily it all resolved smoothly.

The accident on the scooter and the hospitalization

In 2014 Fiorello had an important accident traffic on his scooter. In Via Camilluccia in Rome, he runs over a 73-year-old man who was crossing the street on the pedestrian crossing and immediately they were transported in red code at the Gemelli Polyclinic.

Il conduttore suffered a head injury and resolved with 20 stitches to the head in the operating room. Subsequently he was hospitalized in intensive care and after a week he was able to return home to his family.

The elder instead he suffered a fractured fibula, pelvis and tibia. In 2015 Fiorello returned to the operating room to undergo emergency surgery for various melanomas.

Fiorello's curiosity

What we have just told you is only a small part of the private and professional life of the great Fiorello. Below we present a few curiosity that perhaps not everyone knows.

  • Rosario's middle name is Tindaro and his mother gave it to him because of his strong devotion to the black Madonna of Tindari;
  • His surname, Fiorello, was given to foundlings in the past and in fact his grandfather was an orphan;
  • At school it wasn't exactly a top, in fact it took him 9 years before finishing scientific high school;
  • His friendship with Amadeus it's very deep and intimate born when they were just kids.

Fiorello's social profiles

Below are the direct links to social channels by Fiorello.

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