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Maria De Filippi is one of the figures most influential and respected in the Italian television scene. With a career that extends for over three decades, has been the creative mind behind some of the television shows most successful in Italy.

This factsheet explores the highlights of his life and career, highlighting his talent and his dedication to show business.

Life and family of Maria De Filippi

Maria De Filippi was born on December 5, 1961 in Milan, by Giovanni De Filippi and Giuseppina buttons, respectively representative of medicines and professor of literature.

After graduating, with honors, in law from the University of Pavia, he then specialized in Finance Science and embarked on a career towards the judiciary.

In the month of September of the 1989, during an event against illegal duplication of music held in Venice and which was sponsored by the company he worked for, Maria De Filippi met Maurizio Costanzo. He he offered her to collaborate and in November of the same year, he began to work as an assistant to Constantius.

Starting from the month of January 1990, also became The partner of the famous presenter, even if at the time Costanzo he was still married with his third wife, Marta Flavi.

The marriage with Maurizio Costanzo

In 1995, Maria married Maurizio Costanzo, one of the best known Italian journalists and television presenters, with whom he shares a solid relationship and a great passion for television.

The Cosa Nostra attack on Maria De Filippi and Costanzo

On May 14, 1993, the Cosa Nostra organized an attack in Rome which then failed. The bombing had like target Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi because of their tv shows that they fought against the mafia.

The bombing consisted in the explosion of a car bomb containing 90 kg of TNT located in via Ruggero Fauro, where the two usually passed on their way home after the Maurizio Costanzo Show.

The explosion happened with a few seconds delay, did not cause victims among the people seen, but provoked seven wounded and damage to surrounding vehicles and buildings.

Maria De Filippi later stated that she stayed traumatized by the experience.

The television career of Maria De Filippi

In 1992, Maria De Filippi made her television debut as author and presenter of the program "Friends” to replace Lella Costa, the latter will then take place in a prime time edition entitled “Evening friends” which, given its success, will lead her to the role of author. The distinction between Friends and Friends of Maria De Filippi will in fact be born at this time, but the new transmission will take place only after many years following the launch of "They will be famous” which will then lead to the rebrand “Amici di Maria De Filippi".

Subsequently, in 1996, he will launch “Men and women“, a talk show that originally focused on marriage problems in the confrontation between husband and wife, but then it turned into a dating show which deals with sentimental and relational issues. It was a huge success.

Following Maria De Filippi will create the transmission "You've Got Mail” of which she will be the creator and presenter, a program that will prove successful like few others, to the point that even today it finds space in the programming of Canale 5 with a large chunk of share.

In 2001 he will found the aforementioned "They will be famous” which will then change its name to “Amici di Maria De Filippi".

Maria's successful programs

You've Got Mail

Launched in 2000, "You've Got Mail" is a program that combines emotions and life stories, giving ordinary people the opportunity to surprise and reconcile with their loved ones.

Amici di Maria De Filippi

“Friends” is a talent show conceived and conducted by Maria De Filippi since 2001. The program launched the careers of numerous artists and contributed to the success of many Italian celebrities. It was originally called "They will be famous“, but already from the second edition it changed its name.

You are worth it

On the air since 2014, “Tú sí que vales” is a talent show in which competitors of all ages perform in various artistic disciplines, from dance to song, from magic to comedy.

Men and women

Men and Women is an Italian dating show broadcast since 1996, which has established itself as one of the top television programs most successful in Italy. The program offers a unique and engaging formula, based about dating and courtship between tronisti and suitors.

The Structure of the Dating Show

The Classic Throne

In the Classic Throne, young tronistas choose from a group of suitors their potential partner sentimental. The meetings, the external presentations and the choices are marked by dynamics that involve both the participants and the public.

The Throne Over

The Throne Over, however, is dedicated to more mature people looking for love. Participants share their experiences, wishes and expectations in front of Maria De Filippi and the public.

Honors and awards

Maria De Filippi received numerous awards and recognitions throughout his career, including the prestigious “Telecat“, the “Wind Music Award”, the “Seat Music Award" and the "Television Directing Award“, confirming himself as one of the most loved and followed personalities of Italian television.

Social commitment

Also known for her social commitment, Maria De Filippi has been involved in various charitable and awareness-raising initiatives, demonstrating constant attention to social issues and human values.

How to contact Maria De Filippi

Despite being a very prominent personality, Maria De Filippi has always shown herself to be very close to her audience, both on and off the air.

There are various methods of contacting her.

How to contact Maria by phone

To contact her by telephone, simply get in touch with her editorial staff to the numbers:

How to contact by FAX

You can also send too fax to its editorial staff at number 06 37 35 21 94.

How to contact her by mail

To send materials or letters by ordinary mail, simply write to "Maria De Filippi – PO Box 12334-00135 Belsito Rome"

How to contact Maria's editorial team via Whatsapp

For those who prefer it, it is possible to write to Maria De Filippi's editorial staff also via WhatsApp on the number 337 14 29 453.

How to participate as an audience in Maria De Filippi's broadcasts

If you wish to participate as an audience in Maria's broadcasts, it is sufficient to request through the site perlapromotion to the event list, by selecting the desired event. If there are none available it means that there are no bookable seats and it is necessary to try again on another occasion.

Alternatively, you can write to the editorial staff via email at info@perlapromotion.it

How to apply for castings

To subscribe at the casting of Men and Women just go to the dedicated website for the application and fill in the request form in all its fields.

While to subscribe to the casting of Tú sí que vales it is necessary go to the dedicated application page and fill in the appropriate form.

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