Mirko Brunetti victim of an accident, the video is viral! (Video)

an interview with Mirko Brunetti from Big Brother

Fear in the last hours for Mirko Brunetti. In fact, the former gieffino stumbled upon one unpleasant domestic accident which could have cost him dearly. The video of the immediate follow-up care, with the related story of what happened, is on the young man's Instagram profile and is went viral. What happened? Let's find out!

Mirko Brunetti had an accident at home

Mirko Brunetti has recently returned to “normal” after a year of incredible media exposure. First protagonist of Temptation island and after competing in the latest edition of Big Brother, Its relationship with Pearl Vatiero immediately represented a strong attraction for viewers. However, the last experience at the GF has confirmed the popularity of the couple who, after separating, has decided to get back together.

And they were right together, Mirko and Pearl, when to the young the unthinkable happened. To tell what happened themselves in a video posted on Instagram which, in a flash, went around the web. We propose it to you below!

What happened to Mirko and how is he now?

If you have seen the video you will also have heard the story of what happened. Definitely, a painting hung by Perla right above the bed ended up directly in his face, risking causing much more than a simple bump.

And it is precisely to avoid this and its consequences that Pearl carefully applied ice to his forehead of his newfound love. Fortunately for the "perletti", the two told everything with a smile, so everything is ok, but it certainly could have been worse!

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Instagram @mirkobrunettiupdates
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