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Big Brother 2023 extended
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The final of the Big Brother ended, leaving us with some very emotional moments and some truly unexpected surprises, especially at the end. Between challenges to the last vote e touching encounters, we experienced together the pinnacle of an adventure that kept all of us on our toes for months and months.

Let's retrace the last moments of this memorable edition and discover together how we came to crown the winner who, mind you, is not Beatrice Luzzi as everyone predicted (including us).

The challenges between the finalists' trielli

The evening opened with two trielli which put our finalists to the test. In the first, Beatrice Luzzi, Rosy Chin e Maximilian Varrese they challenged each other, the latter being the least voted by the public with only the 16% of preferences, and therefore had to go home.

In the second triello, Simona Cuts, Letizia Petris e Pearl Vatiero gave rise to another exciting confrontation, from which Letizia emerged with the 18% of votes, thus having to abandon the race.

So these are the 6 finalists:

  • Beatrice Luzzi
  • Rosy Chin
  • Maximilian Varrese
  • Simona Cuts
  • Letizia Petris
  • Pearl Vatiero

The rapprochement with relatives and loved ones

Massimiliano he was able to hug his family again just outside the house, while Beatrice he was able to see his ex-partner Alessandro and their children again. There was no shortage of touching moments too Rosy, welcomed by her three children and her husband, and Pearl, surprised by the visit of her newly found boyfriend Mirko. In the end, Simona e Letizia they also had the joy of being reunited with their loved ones.

The final verdict: who won between Perla and Beatrice?

The highlight of the evening was the final verdict, a moment full of tension. Beatrice e Pearl, the two remaining finalists, they found themselves face to face for the last televoting. After weeks of challenges, strategies and shared moments, only one of them could have lifted this trophy 24esima edition.

The public decided: Pearl she was proclaimed the winner, but the public didn't agree.

The controversy over the victory: why didn't Beatrice win?

The final reserved a unexpected twist: Although Beatrice had dominated the polls and televoting for the last few months, the victory was ultimately awarded to Perla. An outcome that surprised many, generating debates and discussions among the public and on social media.

Some have expressed wonder at the last minute reversal, given that Beatrice in the various months of the broadcast has always been at the top in all the polls and in all the televoting. There are many, therefore, who accuse Mediaset of having manipulated the televoting given that Beatrice has often been "treated badly" by the broadcast.

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