Big Brother Polls: percentages and results, who comes out?

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The curtain is ready to rise on a new, gripping episode of Big Brother 2023. The public is on edge, the competitors on a war footing. We remind you that, like every week, the next episode will be broadcast at 21pm on Canale 20. Who will be able to win the hearts of the spectators and who, instead, will have to deal with the risk of elimination?

Please note that in the February 21st episode Stefano came out.
The next appointment with Big Brother is that of Monday 26 February, an episode that it will not be preliminary, the most voted will go straight to the final.

What do the polls say? Who are the underdogs?

There are 4 candidates for this nomination to decide who will be the first finalist, namely:

A nomination that will bring the most voted directly into the final in the episode which therefore will not be preliminary.

What the Big Brother Forum polls say

Big Brother Forum è an authority regarding surveys, being the most visited in the sector. But unfortunately his estimates did not always turn out to be true and, a few times, he was beaten by Reality House predictions.

Also this time at the top we find Beatrice which as always enjoys very high acclaim and which is even positioned more than 60 points from second position, that is tracksuit with 11%. In third position we find Massimiliano with 8%, while in the rear we find Rosy with 4%. Beatrice's victory seems guaranteed, while Rosy is a clear underdog.

What the Reality House polls say

Reality House it is the second most visited portal, but this does not mean it is less valuable, on the contrary: sometimes his predictions turned out to be more true and adhering to actual outcomes.

The situation on Reality House is no different, with Beatrice at the top which stands out from the others by just over 60 points with 77%, while subsequently we find Greece with 11% e Massimiliano with 8%.

At the bottom we also find Rosy with 4% which appears to be the underdog.

Here are the scores:

Who went out last time?

In the last elimination episode Stefano came out.

Who will be the audience's favourite?

Beatrice as always it is still at the top and now has numbers well above those it had even in its heyday. The release of Vittorio pushed even more votes towards Beatrice, even though many thought the same ones would go to Pearl.

Pearl Vatiero has collapsed in recent weeks, and then return to second position with 6% of the votes but now it seems to be positioned third with 5%, in second position is Simona with 6% but it is probable that Perla will regain its position. Following we find the rest of the group almost compact among Anita in fourth place and Sergio in tenth place.

In line Rosy Chin, Marco Maddaloni, Alessio Falsone e Paolo Masella which are positioned below 1%.

Who is the audience's least favorite?

After returning to the house, Beatrice suddenly rose to second position and remained there for a long time, but has now fallen to third position.

Anita had until recently returned to the top with 25% of the votes (negative), now it has fallen to 9%.
It remained in first position until a few days ago Pearl Vatiero, probably because the public did not appreciate the argument with Beatrice, with 32% of the votes, but then Marco Maddaloni rose to first position reaching 25% and now even 30%, bringing Perla into second position with 15%.

Maybe it was because of the quotes about Greta? What will happen?

Who will be eliminated according to the polls?

We remember that There will be no elimination in the episode, the most voted will go directly to the final. The distance between some competitors is minimal with the exception of Beatrice, but among all there are those who stand out negatively.

Rosy Chin She's trailing in both polls, low in overall ratings and has never been much liked by the public, so she's likely to come in last.

In any case, we know it well, televoting always has the last word.

The return of Beatrice Luzzi to Big Brother after his father's death

The news about a possible return of Beatrice Luzzi during the broadcast on Monday 8 January it had shocked quite a few people, having now almost given it up for "lost" given his recent bereavement.

In the house, meanwhile, there was agitation about this, to the point that Signorini had to intervene on the show to underline their lack of empathy.

I'm not interested in asking you to express pain that you don't feel, but even if you can't get along and hate someone, you need to take a step back and have respect for what happened. Then the next day life continues, but there is a form in life, respect, sensitivity. If there are no principles in life, guys, you won't go anywhere. I won't name names, I want it to be a reason for reflection. There are no disqualifications in place, just some reflections to be made

What is certain is that Mediaset will have bent over backwards to avoid losing Beatrice, given that she is now a key figure of Big Brother and that its loss could lead to a sudden drop in ratings.

And in fact in the end Beatrice really returned to Big Brother, surprising everyone. The GF queen is back on the throne.

Anyway, in the overall evaluation of the surveys we will take Beatrice into consideration as if had not returned.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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