Who is Letizia Petris from Big Brother 2023

Letizia Petris, Big Brother 2023 contestant

The current season of Big Brother promises to revolutionize the small screen with a shower of new faces. At the center of attention, we find Letizia Petris, who is quickly establishing himself as one of the most interesting figures in the house. This rising star of the entertainment world arouses great interest, but who is he really? Let's discover some notable aspects of his life and professional path. His story of past experiences is also significant romantic relationships with women, a detail that adds further nuance to his private story.

Private life, is Letizia Petris single?

Although Letizia maintains a certain confidentiality about his private life, from the latest images available on his profile Instagram dating back to June 2021, it appears he was in one report with a boy named Andrea Contadini. But currently there is no updated information that can confirm or deny her current relationship status.

What work does Letizia Petris do?

Letizia Petris is not only an emerging well-known face in the world of television, but she also has a solid training academic. After earning a bachelor's degree in digital communication, has acquired specialized skills in the field of online communication, actively contributing to the creation, diffusion and consolidation of brands and e-commerce.

The passion for photography

One of Letizia's peculiarities is her profound passion for photography. He loves capturing special moments, with a particular interest in sunrises, which he considers one of life's greatest joys. Her predilection for this artistic hobby allows her to explore and document the ephemeral beauty of the world around her.

How old is he and what is his sign

Letizia Petris è born June 8, 1999, a date that places it under the zodiac sign of Gemelli. Currently, the promising young reality show has 24 years, a period of life that combines youth with an emerging maturity, ready to be explored and shown to television audiences.

Is Letizia Petris lesbian or bisexual?

Fans discovered an interview in which Letizia Petris has openly shared some aspects of his and his love life sexuality. Frankly, she admitted that she had relations with either women than with men, showing a clear preference in level sexual for the latter, while he seems to find a deeper mental connection with women.

His current participation in the Big Brother caused these statements to gain significant resonance, with an intense debate taking place over the social media. At the moment, inside the Home, Joy has not yet addressed this specific topic with the other competitors.

Letizia Petris e Can Yaman, their relationship

Before the start of the new season of "Big Brother", Rumors have started circulating about a possible rrelationship between Letizia and the Turkish actor Can Yaman. These rumors came to life mainly because of a few photo in which the two were seen together during the Venice Film Festival of 2022. Despite this, the real context and nature of their relationship currently remains the subject of speculation.

Instagram profile

The Instagram profile of Letizia (@letipetris_) it is a window into his world, reflecting not only his daily life but also his professional and artistic evolution.

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