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From anonymous to public figure in the spotlight, Lorenzo Remotti he quickly rose to prominence thanks to his participation in the Big Brother 2023. But who actually is this young man who shared a part of his existence with the vast public of interested people?

Let's delve deeper into the profile of this protagonist who has captured collective attention. Despite his take the exit (uscita) early as third out from the competition the 5 October 2023, has achieved a remarkable level of notoriety. Let's also discover his famous one different height: so much chat good-naturedly on the web.


When and where he was born, his origins

Lorenzo Remotti was born in 1986, whose place of origin is the idyllic town of Novi Ligure, nestled in the province of Alexandria.
His geographical origin sheds an interesting light on his character, evoking images of a perhaps simpler life but rooted in authentic values.

How tall is Lorenzo Remotti?

In the absence of concrete data on thedifferent height: di Lorenzo Remotti, a comparative visual analysis based on can be used video lesson e images in which he appears alongside other people whose height is known. For example, next to the presenter Alfonso Signorini, who has a height of 1.77 cm, Remotti appears visibly shorter. The same applies when he is next to Samira Lui, 1.78 cm tall.

From these observations, it is reasonable to hypothesize that Remotti's height can wander around the 1.62 cm. However, it is important to underline that this estimate is purely indicative and cannot replace precisely measured data.

Shoemaker work

Not everyone can say they exercise one of the humanity's oldest professions. Lorenzo Remotti can. Shoemaker by profession, he is a craftsman in the purest sense of the term. A profession which, as he himself revealed, has not found substitutes willing to wear his apron during his absence from the small screen.

It is a profession that is disappearing, but which Remotti has been able to make his own, transforming the initial shame into palpable pride.

Family, private life and marriage

Behind every great man, they say, there is a great woman. In case By Lorenzo, that woman is Mariella, his wife since 2012 and mother of theirs son Dante Alighieri, Born in 2022.
Not just a life partner, Mariella is also the driving force behind their shoemaking business. Family life By Lorenzo appears as a portrait of genuineness and sincere love.

Hobbies and passions

Besides the leather and the soles, there is another thing that makes the heart beat faster By Lorenzo: the passion for motorcycles. Although fatherhood made it a little less adventurous than he used to be, this passion remains a constant in his life, a point of escape and freedom.

His entry into Big Brother

Joining Big Brother was not a decision taken lightly. Lorenzo calculated the pros and cons, especially considering his business and his family.
Curiosity and the opportunity to live a unique experience won out.

What he said when he entered the Big Brother house

A man of few words but of great substance, Lorenzo amazed everyone by keeping his participation secret until the last moment.

“Everyone thinks I'm in Germany”

He revealed during his entrance, later apologizing for the necessary lie. A surprising start that added a further layer of complexity to his character.

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