Big Brother, who is Alessio Falsone, bio, career and ex-girlfriend

Alessio Falsone

Let's find out who he is together Alessio Falsone, the new face that joins the reality show Big Brother. An entrepreneur in the restaurant sector and with a past in the world of football, Alessio brings with him an interesting story and a professional and personal background full of experiences.

Bio by Alessio Falsone

Alessio Falsone, 31 years old, stands out in the Milanese entrepreneurial scene as the owner of a restaurant specializing in sandwiches. Not just business and cuisine, but also sport: Falsone has deep ties to football, having graced the pitch as a player and now contributing to the sporting world as director of an amateur sports association.

His life was marked by important goals, such as graduating fromIulm University of Milan, and from relevant personal experiences, such as the relationship with Carolina Stramare, former Miss Italy.

Private life and relationships

The life of Alessio Falsone she hasn't been without her moments in the spotlight, especially when it comes to her love life. Her relationship with Carolina Stramare, famous for the title of Miss Italy 2019 and for participation in Beijing Express, caught the attention of the media.

Their story has begun in the period of Carolina's triumph in the beauty contest, he saw Falsone alongside the model, supporting her until she won. Although their bond is now a memory, it remains a significant part of Alessio's personal journey, who today approaches Big Brother with a new chapter in his life, perhaps ready to reveal new details about his current relationship status.

Participation in Big Brother

Alessio Falsone enters the house of Big Brother bringing with him a wealth of different experiences, from entrepreneurial management in the world of catering to passionate participation in the sports field as director of a football association. His sentimental past, marked by the relationship with a public figure such as Carolina Stramare, adds an extra layer of interest around her figure.

Falsone's entry into the reality show is awaited with curiosity: the public is eager to find out how his multifaceted personality will adapt to living together under the cameras 24 hours a day and what dynamics it will establish with the other competitors. His history of professional and personal successes and his previous media experience could prove to be valuable assets during his adventure in the program.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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