Who is Arnold Cardaropoli from Big Brother


In the brand new edition of Big Brother 2023, a young but already well-known figure in the digital world arrives: Arnold Cardaropoli. This twenty-two year old is about to reveal to the Italian public not only his charisma, but also a personal story full of profound meanings. Let us discover, therefore, the contours of a life characterized by adoption, strong family ties and a significant presence in the world of social media.

Arnold's adoption story

Arnold he set foot in Italy from a very young age, coming from Ghana. His childhood underwent a decisive turning point when he was welcomed, together with his brother, by a couple living in the province of Reggio Emilia. This generous couple not only adopted Arnold and his brother, but further expanded their family unit with the adoption of a baby girl, thus forming a loving, close-knit family of five members.

The special relationship between Arnold and his mother

A fundamental element in the life of Arnold it is his special relationship with his adoptive mother, Pina. This deep bond is nourished by a mutual affection that goes beyond the legal bond of adoption. Pina, with great wisdom and love, stated that the true bringers of joy in their home are the children they welcomed into their family womb, thus overturning the traditional narrative of adoption.

Arnold's success on social media

The young man Arnold he is not only known for his upcoming television debut, but has already made his mark in the virtual world. He successfully manages the TikTok profile “Arnold & Family”, where he shares pieces of everyday life, bridging the generation gap with humor and affection. His authenticity has won the hearts of over 700.000 followers, marking him as a true revelation of the current digital landscape.


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Arnold's age and whereabouts

Arnold Cardaropoli stands out as the youngest competitor in the Big Brother 2023, just 22 years old. Resident in Reggio Emilia, her life has been a journey of resilience and personal growth. Among the curiosities regarding his professional career, a particular work experience as an undertaker stands out, a role he held before embarking on a career as an undertaker. social media manager. Now, with the unconditional support of his family, Arnold is ready to give Big Brother viewers unforgettable moments.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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