Who is Heidi Baci, the GF contestant, where is she from, work and curiosity

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Here is a new face ready to be talked about in the world of Italian reality shows. Heidi Baci joined Big Brother in the 2023 edition, but she came out of it after just a few weeks at the request of father worried for her daughter's mental state.

But who is Heidi Baci really? Let's find out together.

Where and when was she born?

An unforgettable 1998 for Pescara, given that it was precisely there and in that year that Heidi Baci saw the light of day. From Albanian descent, Heidi is a mix of Mediterranean culture and boundless ambition.

Personality and character

Heidi isn't just a pretty face. Her background in biotechnology and her activity in the world of nautical entrepreneurship make her a woman of depth and complexity. She is the kind of person who embodies pure ambition, a quality she attributes to her paternal influence.

Being a woman in the world of work, especially in entrepreneurship, is much more difficult, you must never give up

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But don't be fooled by her "business" side, she is also a young woman who knows how to balance friendship and family life, always with a smile on his face.

The Instagram channel

Although she is not an established "influencer", Heidi Baci is definitely active online, particularly on Instagram. With nearly 7.000 followers, his platform could be a selling point for his presence on the reality show. Who knows? It could also become the new social media star thanks to this television adventure.

She is engaged?

Speaking of the heart, the situation seems to be rather complicated. Heidi is currently single, a choice or a circumstance that, however, does not seem to weigh too much on her. Who knows if love might be knocking on the door of the Big Brother house?

His entry into the Big Brother house

His entry into the most spied on residence in Italy was anything but banal. Welcomed with enthusiasm by Giselda Torresan and presented by Alfonso Signorini, Heidi Baci captured the public's attention from the first moment. It's a new chapter in her already varied life, and it appears to be a challenge she's ready to accept with open arms.

Inside the house it will be an interesting challenge because I really like throwing myself into things and taking risks, but always with a smile

Heidi Kisses

The abandonment of the Big Brother house

Following the evening of October 16, 2023, Heidi has decided to leave the Big Brother house under strong pressure from the father worried about its relationship with Maximilian Varrese. According to him, the relationship was strong toxic and potentially dangerous for the girl.

After a comparison with Maximilian Varrese, Heidi has decided to end the relationship and subsequently left the Big Brother house.

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