Who is Marco Fortunati, where and when he was born, girlfriend and work

Marco Fortunati of Big Brother

Let's forget about the sofa for a moment and enter the dynamic stage of Big Brother 2023. Among the new faces that catch the eye, Marco Fortunati emerges as a character already full of anecdotes.

So, who really is this young man? Let's find out more about him, from his appearance to his professional field and, why not, even a little of the essence of him.

Marco Fortunati in brief

Born under the sign of Scorpio, Marco Fortunati is a 31 year old from Bologna who decided to experience the thrill of the small screen.
But let's not be fooled: his life is not all lights and cameras.

Where and when was he born? Its origins

Bologna, the city ​​of porticoes and towers, saw the birth of Marco Fortunati the November 18 1991. An Emilian city that has perhaps shaped its character as much as astrology, given that his zodiac sign is Scorpio.

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What does Marco Fortunati do for a living?

Marco is not only a fresh face in the world of entertainment, he is also an all-round worker. He not only drives a taxi on the streets of Bologna, but it is also a ski instructor. Yes, you understood correctly. When he's not behind the wheel, he's on the tracks, and it seems that this mix of jobs has gained him a certain appeal among women.

His love life: is he engaged?

And speaking of women, Marco is not a lonely heart. Francesca she is the woman who won his heart. Despite some sentimental hitches and some slip-ups in the past, they seem to be a solid couple.

The entrance to Big Brother

But let's go back to Big Brother. Marco's entrance wasn't exactly red carpet: he ended up directly in the "hovel" of the House. A start that certainly didn't intimidate him.

What he said when he entered Big Brother

Getting into a reality show like the Big Brother it's not for the faint of heart, and Marco knows it.

“I'm extremely competitive, I'm ready to fight”

he declared shortly after entering, immediately showing his cards.

Character and curiosity

Marco is a guy competitive, this is clear. But beyond the desire to win, there is a sporting soul and a character that seems tailor-made for shows like Big Brother.

He is the type of person who isn't satisfied with mediocrity and who gets to the bottom of things, whether it's winning the podium on a ski slope or winning the hearts of Italians.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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