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The Italian singer FIORDALISO, known for her powerful voice and significant artistic journey, has contributed greatly to the music and entertainment industry of Country. Here's a detailed look at it career, his repertoire of famous songs, his television appearances and his private life. Now all the spotlight is on her for entering the house of Big Brother 2023.

Fiordaliso's career

FIORDALISO, born Marina Fiordaliso, began her musical career in the 80 years, standing out for his unmistakable voice and a prominent stage presence. His long and fruitful career has seen her evolve as an artist, collaborating with various illustrious names on the Italian musical scene and participating in numerous high-level competitions, including the Festival of Sanremo.

Famous Songs by Fiordaliso

The discography of FIORDALISO is full of songs that have left a significant imprint in the hearts of its listeners. Below is an expanded list of some of his best known songs:

  1. "I do not want the moon"
  2. “I wander”
  3. "Now"
  4. “What would I do to you”
  5. "My own business"
  6. "Love love"
  7. “Every day at any time”
  8. "If i did not have you"
  9. "And my mother"
  10. “Blue melancholy”

TV programs presented by Fiordaliso

In addition to a successful musical career, FIORDALISO he also shone as a television personality, presenting and participating in a variety of Television programs which helped consolidate his status as a multifaceted public figure. Here is a more extensive list of television programs in which he has made significant appearances:

  1. "Sunday In"
  2. "One morning"
  3. “Music Farm”
  4. “Life Live”
  5. "Dancing with the Stars"
  6. “Festival bar”
  7. "Fantastic"
  8. “Carràmba! So lucky"

The private life of Fiordaliso, husband and children

In the context of private life, FIORDALISO she is known for her discretion and confidentiality. Her marriage to Mario Lavezzi, a renowned musician and record producer, it was an important chapter in his personal life. The fruit of their love is their son Jody, who inherited the passion for music, distinguishing himself as a drummer in the current music scene.

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