Dancing with the Stars, ranking and previews for December 16th

dancing with the stars 2023

Dancing with the Stars is back and a fantastic new episode is about to begin. Not only will we witness spectacular performances but also great moments of pure entertainment.
There are many couples competing, let's see who will win!

What time does Dancing with the Stars air?

Dancing with the Stars starts promptly at 20pm on Rai 1. For those who prefer the digital on-demand experience, the dance show is also available for streaming on RaiPlay.

What happened in the previous episode of Dancing with the Stars

Episode really started with pop: Giovanni Terzi has asked for Simona Ventura's hand, a scene that has stole the show to everything else!

But it didn't end here. The race between VIP dancers gave a show, even if in the end, surprise, no one was eliminated.

The jury, after seeing all the performances, gave its votes. And there was a nice twist with the “little treasures“: Alberto Matano awarded the couple Teo Mammucari and Anastasia Kuzmina, while Rossella Erra chose Simona Ventura and Samuel Peron.

  1. Simona Ventura and Samuel Peron they made a bang with 83 points, thanks to the treasure.
  2. Teo Mammucari and Anastasia Kuzmina are no exception with 69 points, also with the treasure.
  3. Wanda Nara and Pasquale La Rocca place with 53 points.
  4. Lorenzo Tano and Lucrezia Lando follow with 47 points.
  5. Sara Croce and Luca Favilla are with us 44 points.
  6. Giovanni Terzi and Giada Lini close the row with 32 points.

in playoff, they found each other Sara Croce and Giovanni Terzi face to face. The suspense it was skyrocketing, but eventually it was Terzi who risked elimination. And this is where it comes into play Wild Card: thanks to Simone Di Pasquale and Sara Di Vaira, Terzi narrowly escapes, but be careful, it starts with one 20 point penalty for the next round. In short, an episode that had everything: emotions, surprises and... twists to no end!

Previews of the December 16th episode

Tonight, the stage of "Dancing with the Stars" promises sparks! Competitors will have to face not only their own performances, but also one surprise test which will test their skill and creativity. After dancing, the critical moment will come: thejury analysis.

Among the jurors we find:

  • Carolyn Smith,
  • Guillermo Mariotto,
  • Fabio Canino,
  • Ivan Zazzaroni,
  • Wild Lucarelli

But it doesn't end there: couples will also have to convince the tribunes of the people, namely Rossella Erra, Simone Di Pasquale and Sara Di Vaira, who will have the task of balancing the judgment of the experts. And, of course, the role of audience from home will be fundamental, with the possibility of voting for your favorite couple on official social networks of the program. An evening full of talent, commitment and, above all, passion for dance!

Who will be the dancers for a night

Now, prepare to be amazed. For one evening, there will be two special guests who will hit the dance floor, in fact on this evening we will have two dancers for one night:

  • Max Giusti
    Max Giusti, stage name of Massimiliano Giusti, is a well-known actor, TV host e imitator Italian, born November 2, 1970 in Rome. He began his career in the world of show in the early 90s, initially emerging as a comedian and impersonator. Giusti's artistic versatility is manifested through his numerous participations in Television programs, film e theater show. He is famous for his ability to imitate famous people, a talent that has earned him great popularity in Italy. Throughout his career, Giusti has presented various television programs, consolidating his position as one of the most recognizable and beloved figures in the entertainment industry.Italian entertainment.
  • Gabriella Pession
    Gabriella Pession, Italian actress born on November 2, 1977 in Daytona Beach, Florida, is famous in the TV e film. Starting his career in the 90s, Pession gained fame for his acting versatility and intensity, evident in hit series such as “Capri” and “Rossella.” Her ability to convey authentic emotions has ensured her widespread recognition from audiences and critics.

Which couples are competing

Tonight's competition will see on the track talented and charismatic couples, ready to give their all to win over the judges and the public. Here's who will make us dream tonight:

  • Sara Croce – Luca Favilla: a pairing that promises sparks.
  • Teo Mammucari – Anastasia Kuzmina: a duo that has already demonstrated great chemistry on stage.
  • Lorenzo Tano – Lucrezia Lando: elegance and technique come together in this pair.
  • Giovanni Terzi – Giada Lini: a mix of experience and freshness.
  • Simona Ventura – Samuel Peron: a couple that never ceases to surprise.
  • Wanda Nara – Pasquale La Rocca: after the triumph of the last episode, expectations are high.

And let's not forget that, before the final on December 23rd, there will be the time of repechage: a second chance for those who have already had to say goodbye to the stage, but who could return as a surprise!

Who are the favorites to win?

Speaking of predictions, Wanda Nara it seems to be there Favorite in the race to the final victory of "Dancing with the Stars" despite the injury. The Nara-La Rocca couple has consistently received praise from the jury.

With the elimination of Carlotta Mantovan and the presence of competitors such as Teo Mammuccari, the bookmakers' odds place Wanda and Pasquale in an advantageous position, with odds that hardly exceed 1.40. But be careful: you shouldn't underestimate it Simona Ventura and Samuel Peron, whose victory is priced at 3 times the stake. In short, the competition is still open and anything can happen in this exciting edition of "Dancing with the Stars".

What is Dancing with the Stars

dancing with the Stars is an Italian genre television program talent show, broadcast on Rai 1 from 12 October 2005. The broadcast, created by Milly Carlucci and Giancarlo De Andreis, sees VIPs and showbiz personalities compete, combined with professional dance instructors, in a dance competition.

How Dancing with the Stars was born

The program was born from an idea by Milly Carlucci, which was inspired by the British format Strictly Come Dancing. The first edition of Dancing with the Stars it aired in 2005, hosted by Milly Carlucci and with the participation of ten couples of VIPs and dance instructors. The winner of the first edition was the actor Roberto Farnesi, paired with the dancer Alexandra Tripoli.

The program immediately became a success, conquering the Italian public.

The history of Dancing with the Stars

dancing with the Stars is a program that contributed to spreading the culture of dance in Italy. The program has allowed millions of Italians to learn about different dance styles and appreciate the performances of professionals and VIPs.

Over the course of its editions, Dancing with the Stars has undergone some changes. In particular, in 2009 the category “Dancing with the Stars – Night of Stars” was introduced, which sees pairs of professional dancers compete.

The category was introduced in 2012 “Dancing with the Stars – Juniors”, which sees couples of children and teenagers compete.

Who won Dancing with the Stars in previous editions

During its previous editions, dancing with the Stars he saw triumph Prominent figures from the world of entertainment, including:

  • Roberto Farnesi (2005)
  • Eleonora Daniele (2006)
  • Fabio Galante (2007)
  • Sabrina Ferilli (2008)
  • Anna Oxa (2009)
  • Stefano Bettarini (2010)
  • Veronica Angeloni (2011)
  • Stefano Oradei (2012)
  • Sara Di Vaira (2013)
  • Elisa Di Francisca (2014)
  • Simone Di Pasquale (2015)
  • Paolo Conticini (2016)
  • Elisa Isoardi (2017)
  • Fabio Basile (2018)
  • Gilles Rocca (2019)
  • morgan (2020)
  • Simone Biles (2021)
  • Pierpaolo Petrelli (2022)
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