Sabrina Ferilli: biography, family, career, private life and curiosities

Close-up of actress Sabrina Ferilli

Sabrina Ferilli she is a very famous television presenter who certainly does not need many introductions. She represents the symbol of Mediterranean beauty, but its sympathy surpasses everything. But not only. Her presence on stage leaves its mark. Are you ready to get to know her better?

Origins of Sabrina Ferilli

Sabrina Ferilli It is born June 28, 1964 and it was any Sunday. She was born under the astrological sign of Cancer, she grew up in the Roman district, in Fiano Romano to be precise, together with her family with whom she has an excellent relationship.

The family

The beautiful Sabrina has a serene childhood and adolescence in which she grows up surrounded by love, but also with rules severe. Perhaps not everyone knows that she is not an only child, but she has a brother called Pierpaolo and a sister named Christine.

His father Giuliano was a great exponent of the policy Italian, while the mother was one !.

The figure of the father in politics

Sabrina Ferilli's father is called Giuliano and is also originally from Rome. Back in the day it was very well known in the policy Italian as he was a leader of the Italian Communist Party and a political exponent. It is precisely from his father that you passionate of politics and on several occasions he has demonstrated his leftist leanings.

Sabrina's academic qualifications

As for the actress's academic career, we know that after finishing middle school she enrolled in the Classical High School of Rome, obtaining the diploma. Later, he will not try the university road, since he already had clear ideas about what to do when he grows up.

In fact, his greatest passion was the acting and that is why he begins to attend the theater circles of Rome. More and more determined, she tries to enter the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, but unfortunately she comes rejected. Despite the failure, if you can call it that, Sabrina does not give up and is right!

How she got famous and her career

From a very young age Sabrina Ferilli was very beautiful, but in addition to this she had begun to demonstrate hers talent and skill by acting on the stage of some theaters in Rome. What it has become today… is history.

Max's calendar

Shooting from calendar Max

Shortly after becoming famous, in 2000, Sabrina is offered a calendar sexy from Max magazine. Although she was a little hesitant at first, she decided to go for it and it sold like hot cakes that year. Even today there are many people who sell it on online sites and, although many years have passed, it continues to be required, it is in fact also on sale through some auctions on Ebay.

The beginnings in television with secondary parts

As with most artists, there is certainly a good deal before success mess tin. Hardly anyone likes her, but for Sabrina it was a huge stepping stone. Indeed, the young actress begins with secondary roles and extras.

The first film in which it appears are Americano Rosso, Candies from a stranger and Diary of a vice. We have to wait until 1994 for its real big one success.

The real success: Life is good

We arrive in 1994 when Paolo Virzì contacts her to offer her the role of protagonist in his film entitled Life is beautiful and Sabrina accepts without too many doubts. Thanks to the film she also wins the prize Silver Ribbon for being the best leading actress.

Sabrina Ferilli's successful films

After appearing on the small screen with Life is beautiful, Sabrina Ferilli takes home a success behind the other. His name is mainly associated with the Cinepanettoni in which he works alongside big names in cinema, including Massimo Boldi and Cristian De Sica.

Among the most famous we can mention Christmas in Beverly Hills, Christmas in New York, Christmas in love and Christmas holidays in Cortina. Here, she will prove not only that she is a sexy woman, but also a lot nice.

Another very film famous in which he appears is Whole life ahead and thanks to this film he takes home the second Silver Ribbon. We can also mention other great ones masterpieces in which he acted such as Anna and the five 2, The great beauty and Kiss my hands – Palermo New York by Paolo Sorrentino, Torn love and Wake me up my love.

The programs in which it appears

Ferilli is not only a great actress, but she is also a stage woman and has shown that she knows how to face the cameras of great transmissions. Among these we can mention Amici di Maria DeFilippi, Italian's Got Talent, Amici Speciale, as a guest at C'è Posta per te and Sanremo.

Sabrina Ferilli and Sanremo 2022

We are in the winter of 2021 when among the names of the guests of Sanremo 2022 the name of Sabrina Ferilli appears. A great coup for the Sanremo event which was able to benefit from a great professional like her.

She is given the role of co conductor di Amadeus for the final night. The shoulders of this edition of the singing competition have been Lorraine Cesarini, Ornella Muti, Drusilla Foer e Maria Chiara Giannetta. Ferilli made, as always, an excellent figure. However, it has always been rumored that something happened behind the scenes during the awards ceremony that she made her infuriate with Gianni Morandi and Amadeus.

Who dressed Sabrina Ferilli in Sanremo 2022?

In 2022 Sabrina Ferilli was chosen as co-host of Amadeus for the Sanremo Festival. But for her, it wasn't there first time who took the Ariston stage because she had already been there in 1996 when she presented Pippo Baudo and in 2012 when she was a guest of the edition hosted by Gianni Morandi.

For this latest edition, the actress has decided to rely on her cool, to the stylist Alessandro Dell'Acqua. While as regards the footwear in Casadei. The actress often relies on these two big names and we can say that she has never been wrong.

Who combed Sabrina Ferilli in Sanremo 2022?

The Sanremo Festival represents a great goal and honor for all artists, whether they are singers or guests. For this reason, Ferilli went to hers salon of confidence for this great occasion. It was to take care of her Alessia Solidani who is a favorite among the women of show business.

He didn't do great for Sanremo changes also because she is very jealous of her beautiful hair. She a touch of naturalness and was ready to take the stage.

How he eats and what are the secrets to keeping fit

Sabrina Ferilli is already a mature woman, but her physique does envy to some twenty-somethings. Many wonder what she does to keep fit and it is not a question unknown to her. However, she never did mystery of what it does.

Surely he never did diets particulars or followed who knows what rule of power. Indeed, in several interviews she had declared that she does not accept deprivation in the kitchen, in fact, among her favorite dishes we find pasta alla carbonara and parmigiana.

To keep fit though he trains 4 times a week performing specific exercises.

Private life

Although Sabrina Ferilli is a well-known character in the entertainment world, she has always been a lot jealous of his private life. However, we managed to recover some information.

The great friendship with Maria DeFilippi

That Sabrina Ferilli and Maria DeFilippi are great friends is by no means a mystery. The two artists have known each other for many years and hang out not only in television studios, but also in private. There is no professional esteem and respect between them, but they are linked by a deep bond friendship.

The first marriage with Andrea Perone and why they broke up

A long time ago, Sabrina Ferilli was married with a lawyer by name Andrea Perone, but things didn't go well at all due to some betrayals by him. The couple separate and divorce. However, there is not much information about this love.

The second marriage with Flavio Cattaneo

We arrive at January 29, 2011 when one of the most famous actresses in Italy gets married to Flavio Cattaneo, CEO of Telecom. No one knew about this wedding which took place in great secrecy. In fact, it was only made public in 2014. Their first meeting took place on the set of Dalia and from that moment they never met again. left.

Why don't they have children?

The couple has not children and the actress has always stated that for them this aspect is not a big problem. Ferilli has repeatedly reiterated that she would have liked it to adopt a troubled child rather than making his own.

Curiosity of Sabrina Ferilli

Everything we have told you up to now is all we know about Sabrina Ferilli, but below we present some Curiosity that perhaps not everyone knows.

  • He is an animal lover and has a dog named Nina and a cat named Romolo;
  • She is a huge fan of Roma, but as a small fan of Lazio;
  • She loves it when Virginia Raffaele imitates her;
  • He starred with Matilde Gioli in the film Ricchi di fantasia.

Sabrina Ferilli's social profiles

Below we report the link to Sabrina Ferilli's official social channels.

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Written by Manuela Bortolotto
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