Who is Angelica Baraldi Big Brother 2023

Angelica Baraldi, Big Brother 2023 contestant

Angelica Baraldi is emerging as an intriguing figure among Non-Important Persons, or NIP, in the edition 2023 of Big Brother. Here's your chance to learn more about her. We won't just focus on her professional background, we'll also explore his love life and we'll take a look at how he's getting noticed on social media.

Private life of Angelica Baraldi

Born under the sign of Leo, on 22 July 1997, Angelica Baraldi he always had a lively and determined personality. From a very young age she demonstrated that she was a person with varied interests, ranging from a passion for sports – such as football and martial arts, al Padel and to the surfing he currently practices – to a route academic solid, culminating with a degree in International Marketing at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

He is the grandson of Luca Baraldi, the manager behind Virtus, the CEO of Segafredo.

Angelica Baraldi's boyfriend: Riccardo

In the sentimental context, Angelica finds a solid point of reference in her boyfriend, Riccardo. Their union appears stable and deeply close-knit, with Angelica describing him as the person who succeeded “fill its gaps”, suggesting a deep understanding and complementarity between the two.

What job does Angelica Baraldi do?

Angelica Baraldi has embarked on a promising career in the digitalisation of IT processes. He currently holds the role of Junior Account Manager at the CMT Group, making use of the skills acquired during his university studies. Before taking on this position in February 2023, Angelica gained experience in the field of marketing and events.

Angelica Baraldi's family

In the path of personal growth, Angelica has lived moments of fracture with one's family, which she herself described as cumbersome. This situation led to a breakup, particularly with the father, determining a sort of emancipation early which influenced his life path, characterized by courageous choices and remarkable determination.

How old is Angelica Baraldi and what sign is she?

Angelica Baraldi, Born on July 22 1997, is currently 26 years old. Her date of birth places her under the zodiac sign of Lion, famous for his strong and determined nature, aspects that seem to be fully reflected in his energetic character and indomitable determination.

Angelica Baraldi's Instagram profile

On the social media front, the Instagram profile (@angelicabaraldi) by Angelica is gaining increasing popularity, counting around 12 thousand followers at the moment. Her participation in the Big Brother 2023 it promises to be a springboard for his notoriety, with a growing fan base that follows with interest his sporting and personal adventures shared on the platform.

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Image source: instagram profile @angelicabaraldi
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