Who is Giselda Torresan from Big Brother

Giselda Torresan of Big Brother 2023

The stage of Big Brother 2023/24 welcomes competitor NIP into its ranks Giselda Torresan. A presence that stands out for its authenticity and for a deep relationship with the real working world. Furthermore, and Torresan proves particularly interested in world of nature. But let's discover in detail the many areas of his life, from hobbies to his active participation in social media.

Who is Giselda Torresan in brief

Giselda Torresan he is the new figure who animates the cast of Big Brother 2023/24. Originally from Asolo, Province of Treviso, currently resides in Pieve del Grappa, always in the same province. Born on July 27, 1989, Giselda has a professional imprint in the industrial sector, where he works as shift worker. His participation in the reality was born from the desire to show his to the public authenticity e simplicity.

Giselda Torresan's hobbies

Giselda Torresan cultivate a deep passion is preferably used for mountain, a predilection that clearly emerges through the shots shared on his Instagram profile. The images tell of solitary climbs and nights in tents in direct contact with the and gentle cosmetics. But its connection with the animal world is not limited to this: Giselda he also takes care of a colony of cats, as stated on his channels social media. This deep connection with the natural world comes alongside a personality described as genuine e spontaneous.

Is Giselda Torresan engaged?

On the love life of Giselda Torresan At the moment, mystery reigns. Despite an active presence on the social media, no significant details emerge regarding a possible love relationship. Her participation in the Big Brother however, it could offer the opportunity to reveal new aspects of its own vita privata, thus responding to the curiosities of the television audience.

Giselda Torresan's Instagram profile

Il Instagram profile di Giselda Torresan it is a real visual diary that offers an in-depth look at his passions and his lifestyle. With over 135.000 followers, its space social media is enriched with shots that portray her in her adventures in mountain, as well as in his daily interactions with a colony of cats he takes care of. The presence of him on Instagram not only confirms his love for the and gentle cosmetics, but it highlights a character genuine e spontaneous which seems to distinguish her in every aspect of her life.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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