GF Vip 7: Luca Salatino shock, a trans talking "He was with me."

gf vip luca salatino trans girl

Luca Salatino, loyal to his girlfriend Soraia Allam Ceruti, is just not there to accept the court of Elenoire Ferruzzi. Too bad, however, that, from his past, an unexpected and "spicy" detail emerges: according to Noemi, a transgender girl who, before he got engaged, was in bed with him "He has already had experiences with trans girls, but not he will never admit it because he is afraid of the prejudice of others. "

Yet another salt shower for Luca Salatino: it looks like that Alfonso Signorini wanted it as a competitor of the Big Brother Vip 7 to make him the third degree and question not only his interest in his girlfriend Soraia Allam Ceruti, but also his sexual orientation.

The former tronista, as we know, has rejected on several occasions the advances of Elenoire Ferruzzi, saying openly (and even brusquely) that he is not interested and wants to remain faithful to his former suitor, whom he chose as his girlfriend during one of the last seasons of Men and women.

Too bad, however, that, a few hours after he clearly stated that he is not interested in trans girls, a detail emerged ... somewhat spicy from his past!

Luca Salatino, speaks Noemi, the trans girl he was with "It would make a better impression to say that he is not interested in Elenoire Ferruzzi, because he has been there with trans girls."

Amedeo Venza, in a story posted on Instagram, he revealed that he had spoken with Noemi, a trans girl, who not only knows Luca Salatino for ten years, but it seems she also had intimate relationships with him:

“Luca is a very good boy, faithful when he is engaged. We have seen each other many times. Precisely for this reason he should tell the truth to Elenoire. To say that he is not his type of him since he has had experiences with trans girls. "

Noemi, continuing her story, she also said that years ago she and the former tronista had also shot a red light video. However, she also made it clear that she did not intervene to defame someone or because she is looking for visibility:

“I decided to intervene, because it gets on my nerves to see a person like Luca making outings to Elenoire to make her understand that he doesn't do certain things. I would like to tell him something: Luca, no one questions your heterosexuality or your being a man, just be honest. Do not hide behind false moralisms. "

How will react Luca Salatino in the face of this new attack? And most importantly, what will the reaction of Soraia Allam Ceruti when will she find out about this detail about her boyfriend?

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Image credits: Instagram profile Luca Salatino (@luca_salatino)
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Written by Frances Orelli
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